7 things to do around Bridgewater Terraces

So you’ve decided on a Brisbane holiday have you? Let me tell you one thing – Brisbane has a lot to offer and as a tourist, it pays to base your Brisbane accommodation preference on location – you want to be close to all the best attractions.

Thankfully, Bridgewater Terraces are situated in an ideal location! Why so? It’s because we are positioned close to Brisbane CBD and in arms reach to an array of activities and attractions. By staying with us; you will be able to explore many of the tourist attractions of the city on foot, and that’s certainly going to save you a lot on Uber fairs!

Continue reading as I list out 7 activities that you can get to on foot when you choose to stay with us at Bridgewater Terraces.

1. Climb the Story Bridge

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb, a popular Kangaroo Point Attraction

I recommend all guests consider climbing the Storey Bridge on their Brisbane holiday. The iconic 72m tall bridge offers grand panoramic views of the city landscape. The Story Bridge climb is one of the only 3 bridge climbs worldwide and there are several guided tours to help you climb the bridge. Extremely safe and recommended for everyone, you can choose to climb the bridge in groups or on your own for a sense of achievement. Best of all, the Storey Bridge is only 200m away from our apartments so you’ll have no trouble getting there.

2. Visit the Story Bridge Hotel

Once you’re done climbing the Story Bridge, you can head over to the Story Bridge Hotel, which is definitely one of the most popular places in Brisbane. Home to one of the city’s finest pubs, the Story Bridge Hotel also hosts many popular events throughout the year, including The National Festival of Beers and The Australia Day Cockroach Races to name a few. Visit this hotel for its fine food and signature collection of beers, spirits and wines. This hotel is also only 200m from Bridgewater Terraces.

3. Abseil down Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Abseil Kangaroo Point Cliffs

After you’ve enjoyed the Story Bridge, consider heading to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which is only 1km away from our apartments. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs offer you a wonderful chance to abseil down to the Brisbane River. A thrilling and fun experience indeed, you can enjoy stunning views of kayaks, boats and the city landscape as you partake in this adventure. Don’t worry – a qualified and experienced instructor will make sure that you go down safely.

4. Stop for a coffee at The Cliffs Café

While you’re at the Kangaroo Cliffs, stop to have coffee at The Cliffs Café. Offering spectacular views of the city, The Cliffs Café also includes an open park for kids and is perfect for any occasion. Guests of Bridgewater Terraces simply love this café. Furthermore, it’s just a kilometre away from our apartments – perfect for that morning coffee run.

5. Visit South Bank

When you’re done with the adventure activities I have listed above, you can move to having some quality relaxation and fun in the city. South Bank is the perfect destination for this. Located 3km away from Bridgewater Terraces, this precinct is a hub of cultural and recreational activities. Home to several restaurants, cafes, landmarks, museums and cultural centres, South Bank will definitely be a lot of fun for you and your entire family.

6. Shop till you drop at Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD

No Brisbane holiday can be complete without a shopping spree and for this, I highly recommend Queen Street Mall. Just a short 300 metre walk and a fun 7 minute ferry ride from Bridgewater Terraces; Queen Street Mall is a vibrant lifestyle and shopping precinct. Australia’s most popular mall which draws in more than 26 million visitors every year, it offers many high end as well as local retailers in the precinct. It’s not just the women, but even men and kids will love shopping at this mall. Moreover, with parklands, galleries, museums, cafes, restaurants, spas and bars in the vicinity, everyone is sure to have a great time!

7. Wine and Dine at Eagle Street Pier

Finally, to enjoy the finest wine and dine experience in the city, you must visit Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier. The Pier has a range of award winning restaurants for you to choose from. With casual dining options, entertainment hotspots and riverside bars, this is one destination that I urge all holidaymakers at Bridgewater Terraces to visit. Like Queen Street Mall, at Eagle Street Pier is a 7 minute ferry ride from Bridgewater Terraces.

The Bottom Line:

For a truly enjoyable Brisbane holiday, you must choose Brisbane accommodation which is close to all the major city attractions. Our apartments at Bridgewater Terraces lie just next to the CBD and are ideally located for holidaymakers. By staying at our apartments, you will be within walking distance from many attractions of the city including the Story Bridge and the Story Bridge Hotel, Kangaroo Point Cliffs and The Cliffs Café, Southbank, Queen Street Mall and Eagle Street Pier. These destinations offer

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Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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