Best transport options for getting around Brisbane

Getting around Brisbane is a breeze, thanks to its excellent transport infrastructure. It is easy and convenient to get from point A to point Z through affordable means. Trains, buses, CityCat Ferries, taxis, cars for hire and even water taxis are available daily at regular intervals with minimal interruptions.

Brisbane offers three main options for public transport, and this includes trains, ferries and buses. These three means of transport are linked together by the same ticketing system called the TransLink which allows transfers for free between these three modes of transportation (for more information, visit translink.com.au). The TransLink website offers a handy tool that can aid travellers looking for the cheapest and most convenient transport options to get from one destination to another. It is recommended that you check timetables available to ensure you get to your destination at the best time possible.

Transportation from the International and Domestic Terminal Airport is also convenient. Visitors can travel through AirTrain (takes you to the centre of the city in 22 minutes), take the bus (CoachTrans) or by taxi rank.

Transport options are few during the late night hours, so it is best to check out last trip schedules if you intend to stay out late. Special late night transport services are also available, usually on Friday and Saturday nights. Many taxis operate during late hours, although prior arrangement may be more convenient.

The CityFerry and the CityCat are iconic transport options for those who wish to take tours in and around the city along the river. These ferries have cross-river routes at regular intervals daily, with a number of stops at various points. CityCats are high-speed ferries for longer routes.

Buses in Brisbane can take you to major thoroughfares. However, if public transport is not your thing, you can always choose to go around with a bike. Brisbane prides of more than 300 kilometres of bikeways that cyclists can conveniently use.

If you need maps and directions, you can check the website of Queensland Transport or visit Brisbane City Council’s Customer Service Centre. Moreover, if you need a Brisbane accommodation that is both comfortable and convenient, stay at Bridgewater Terraces. Bridgewater offers beautifully appointed fully-furnished spacious rooms set within a stone’s throw away from the bustling CBD. It is the ideal location for business and leisure travellers seeking a quiet and memorable vacation in this part of Queensland.

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