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Brisbane airport When booking Brisbane accommodation, most travellers consider the location of their accommodation in proximity to locate attractions, conference centres, transport etc. While some prefer to stay in CBD, others prefer accommodation near the airport because it’s very convenient. This reduces the chance of missing a flight, and makes it generally less stressful.

There are several options for accommodation near Brisbane airport however, not all of them can be considered high quality or affordable.

Bridgewater Terraces, BrisbaneHowever, there is accommodation that’s highly recommended by travellers and one of them is right here at Bridgewater Terraces – just 15 minutes from Brisbane airport.

Located at Kangaroo Point, Bridgewater Terraces boasts great amenities and facilities. We offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments that can accommodate from 1 to 7 adults. All our apartments are spacious and feature well-appointed interiors. However, what most guests enjoy the most are the views of the Brisbane River that they get to experience right from their balcony and our affordable rates – from just $140 per night.

Our amenities include outdoor swimming pool, spa, and gymnasium. Meanwhile, we offer great facilities that you’ll surely appreciate to make your stay with us as comfortable and convenient as possible.

You can easily book our high quality and affordable apartment accommodation near Brisbane airport by booking direct from this very website. Booking is absolutely hassle-free and will just take a couple of minutes. Simply click on “book my stay” then choose from the available apartments, and proceed by paying for your choice using your credit card and you’re done! It’s that easy.

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