Brisbane City Live Music Guide

Brisbane is an art capital. The good news is you don’t have to wait for the Young Arts Festival before you get to see their talent. The pubs and clubs in the area usually invite their local musicians and other performers on stage for live entertainment.

Some of the most independent bands and individuals converge in Zoo. So far, it’s the longest-standing live venue in the city. It has live performances every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. There’s no limit on the kind of music the band can play, though majority of them do play jazz and reggae. Sometimes they work on acoustics, pop, rock, and dub.

The Troubadour is almost similar to the Zoo. The only difference is that it caters to more fine audience. Thus, most of the songs played are softer or mellower. The restaurant serves a decent selection of wine and other cocktails. It is currently found right inside the Brunswick Street Mall in Fortitude Valley, where majority of the hippest bars and clubs are found.

One of the oldest live music venues in the city will be 320 on Leichhardt. The establishment was developed since 1846 but has been renovated to preserve its warm and cozy look. The ground floor is available for the entire week and serves both dinner and lunch. Breakfast is available during the weekend.

The biggest closed venue you will ever find in Brisbane will probably be Hi-Fi. Found in West End, Brisbane, it can accommodate as many as 1,200 people in one sitting. The owner definitely wants it to be a live performance hub, so the best pieces of equipment have been put up all over the place. You can stay in any of the seven levels of the venue if you wish to listen to a band.

Some of the best performances are held in Globe, found in Brunswick Street. It could be because it occupies what used to be a very old theater.

Majority of the performances are in clubs or pubs. Hence, most of them have age restrictions. You can never go in unless you’re at least 18 years old. There are also limitations on the kinds of drinks they offer. Make sure you can ask beforehand.

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