Brisbane Nightlife: Where to Go on a Big Night Out

You cannot end your trip to Brisbane without spending a night out with newfound friends or best buddies. You will never be disappointed, though. Majority of the pubs, bars, and clubs are open every day and for very long hours.

The Fortitude Valley, about 30 minutes away from Brisbane CBD, is a popular place for those who are looking for great bars and pubs. You can begin your night hopping at Barsoma Restaurant, which is famous for its tapas and pizzas. A typical pizza will cost you $5. You can then pair it with your choice wine or a pint of beer. It’s an awarded restaurant, which received the Best New Restaurant in 2004.

When you only need cocktails, you simply have to go to the Bowery, inspired by the New York gin street.

The Zenbar and Restaurant sits in an old commercial office space. However, there’s nothing really formal about Zen, except for the fact that it’s frequented even by the business executives working in skyscrapers. It has a huge collection of beers, some of which have to be imported from other countries. You can also enjoy your light fares with a glass of martini.

When you want a smorgasbord restaurant, the best place to go to is the Coro. It has the Lure Restaurant and Lounge, well recognized as a chilling hotspot for the locals. Within the same vicinity is the wine store, where you can sample its selections, and the Gaming Lounge.

One of the oldest hangout places in Brisbane is the Story Bridge Hotel, which was built during the late 1880s. It’s a renovated hotel, with layouts depicting its original form. The back of it, which used to be a bomb shelter in World War II, is now the Annexe. It’s a club that provides live entertainment of varying kinds to its visitors. The hotel also has a popular grilling restaurant called the Outback Bar and Grill.

After a trip to the theater or to the shopping mall, drop by the Cru Bar and Cellar. It’s a quaint cellar that can occupy 80 people at most. Besides sipping wine, you can order fine food.

Many Brisbane accommodation options are also located close to these night spots. One of these is the famous Bridgewater Terraces, where apartments give you an excellent view of the swimming pool or the garden. It also has barbecue area where you can set up an impromptu or informal party with friends and family.

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