Brisbane on a Budget – Day Trips

The global economic crisis is really taking its toll. People from all over the world are now searching for ideal holiday vacations that are not only enjoyable but are also easy on the budget. Do you want to make this coming holiday worthwhile without the need to spend so much? You need to get out of town at lean costs by packing your things and heading to Australia, specifically to Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane.

If you are taking a day trip or even two, the vicinity in or around Brisbane could truly be ideal for you, without unnecessarily stretching your budget. Here are several day trip destinations that would surely make you enjoy the city even while you are on a stringent budget limitation.

Bribie Island is a sand island located across the Moreton Bay’s northern part. This location has a ‘passage’ and ‘calm’ side, characterized by safe family beach resorts and calm waters. The island’s ‘surf’ side is just about a 5 kilometers away. Most of Bribie Island is still uninhabited, comprising of forestry plantations and a National Park. Take a cruise across Pumicestone Passage, swim, or kayak in the small Woorim Beach waves.

Caloundra is known for its variety of beaches. Any beach lover could certainly find a soothing and calm sandy bay regardless of season or weather. Among the most popular beach destinations in the area are Bulcock Beach, Kings Beach, Shelly Beach, and Moffat Beach. Taking an old-fashioned dayout at this community is always fun, but less costly. Enjoy paddling, eating fish and chips, licking ice cream, and body surfing in any of the beaches. Usually, there is not much traffic on its highway, making the getaway more hassle-free.

Mooloolaba is a resort town north of Brisbane. There are also ideal beaches that would surely entice any beachgoer. Surf the waves before or after strolling past nearby cafés and shops. You do not need to spend so much money. You could enjoy Mooloolaba’s thrills without much costs.

Mount Tamborine is another destination to explore across the Gold Coast hinterland. Enjoy a day trip through walking past the easy tracks of the state’s first national park. While in a vacation, you could eat well at any of the numerous cafés or be mesmerized by the amazing glow worms. The craft and art market is also open to vacationers who want to shop around for unique items at discount prices.

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