Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb, a popular Kangaroo Point Attraction

You probably have an option to see Brisbane on a boat or on the road. So how about changing your vantage point on top of a bridge?

Indeed, the Story Bridge Climb is one of the best and exhilarating ways to get a 360-degree view of the vibrant city. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. You can invite your family and friends. Parents can even bring their children provided they are more than 130 centimetres in height and at least 10 years old.

The bridge climb will take you to 80 meters above the Brisbane river. The length is close to a thousand meters and will probably last you for two and half hours depending on how secure you feel or how fast you walk. A local guide will be there with you every step of the way through radio broadcast. He or she provides you with interesting information about the bridge and the interesting attractions you can clearly see at your own point. Some of these include the Moreton Bay and the islands of Moreton and Fraser, Glass House Mountains, and the majority of Queensland and the Gold Coast area.

You can climb the Story Bridge at any time of the week, though there are different schedules you can choose. Your selection will then tell you how much you’re going to spend for the activity.

The night bridge climb is popular for those who want to look at the city when darkness sets in. You can see many skyscrapers reflected into the waters, thanks to their glowing lights. They become even more majestic during a full moon. It’s also possible for you to have the dawn climb, where you can watch the sunrise over Moreton Bay. On the other hand, the morning climb is perfect if you want to see the mountains more vividly.

Surely, the experience will be very memorable and thus worth sharing. You can give away gift certificates to loved ones who want to visit Brisbane one day soon.

Story Bridge Accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces

Bridgewater Terraces

Bridgewater Terraces is located just 200 metres from the Story Bridge!

It’s also easy for you to never miss the climb (late arrivals are highly discouraged). Stay at Bridgewater Terraces, Brisbane apartment accommodation only a few minutes away from Story Bridge. The self-contained apartments have several amenities including full laundry and kitchen. It also gives you a captivating view of the swimming pool and the garden. Transport to Story Bridge is easy as you can request for one from the helpdesk.

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