Brisbane’s Best Markets: The Ultimate Guide

Do you know that there are several fully furnished accommodation options in Brisbane? Majority of them come with a complete kitchen—yes, with microwave oven, burners, and refrigerators? What does this mean? You really don’t have to say good-bye to the dishes you love the most while on trip. In fact, you can experiment on lull days. It also helps there are plenty of markets in the area, and some of them are considered to be the best.

Jan Powers Market is voted to be the best so far in the area. It is highly supported by farmers as well as city folk who have something to offer to those who shop. Their goods are very varied, from organic produce down to flowers and even arts and crafts.

During your stroll, you will also encounter stalls selling cooked food such as sausages and pies. You can even get a taste of very good wine (Australia is famous for its vineyards too). Simply put, a day in Jan Powers doesn’t go to waste. For convenience, you there’s an Info office, Lost and Found section, and toilets all around the area.

The market is also open in three different points. On Wednesdays, you can catch it in Brisbane from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Every first Sunday of the month, Jan Powers is at Michelton from 6 in the morning until noon. Manly Esplanade holds the market every third Saturday.

Live a much healthier lifestyle in Brisbane. Head to the Northey Street Organic Market. This is the only market certified to sell or provide organic produce in the area. The raw goods you can purchase include fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, and dairy products. You can also try out the delectable cakes for your light fare or go on at trip to the plant nursery. Once in a while, you can site on different types of lectures ranging from arts to farming. The open food market is available from 6 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon every Sunday.

Have a different perception of a market at West End. It’s actually dotted with very tall trees, which provide an excellent shade for shoppers, as well as coffee carts for those who are up early in the morning. Besides food, you can check out the myriad of dry goods such as paintings, furniture, and other decors you can place in your home.

To make sure you don’t miss out the markets, book Brisbane apartment accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces. It offers less than 20 minutes’ ride to these bargain spots.

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