Family Friendly Brisbane Attractions

When you think of Brisbane, you easily picture couples, businesspersons, and solo travelers who want to get a different feel of Australia apart from the surfing and waves but perhaps you haven’t considered it to be a family friendly holiday destination. In fact, it has several attractions that the kids will surely look forward to.

If you want to teach them a little bit of history and culture the best place to go will be the Queensland Museum, which holds a huge collection of artifacts related to the area. You can also scan very old books, manuscripts, and other reading media in its public library.

A walk to the various art galleries will most definitely increase the curiosity and creativity of the toddlers. The Queensland Art Gallery currently holds over 10,000 pieces, while the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art is the biggest of its kind in the country.

Your family will love any of the farms in the Hinterland. They may even get a chance to interact with the sheep, goats, chickens, and horses. Some farmers are gracious enough to teach the children or two about animal care. Of course, a trip to Brisbane with the kiddos will not be complete without going to the zoo, where a much bigger number of animals can be seen.

All of you can head to Alma Park Zoo where majority of the exotic local animals are found such as koala bears, baboons, marmosets, and Himalayan tahrs. The Australian Zoo, one put up by the legendary Steve Irwin, has crocodiles, snakes, and elephants, to name a few. The management also has shows and demonstrations prepared for the visitors.

Don’t miss out the eco-trips too. Your children may want to see a change in environment and would appreciate being with the trees in the forests and the bodies of water in Mount Tamborine National Park and Springbrook National Park. You can rent a boat that will take you to the islands of Moreton and Fraser. Families can ride in pairs on board the 4-wheel drive or enjoy a day filled with canoeing, swimming, fishing, diving, and snorkeling.

If you want something for free, you can that the family to Southbank Parklands, which has countless swings and playgrounds for the kids. They can also play football and baseball, or rent a bike.

Because there are so many family friendly Brisbane attractions available, it’s important everyone gets complete rest. Why don’t you book your Brisbane family holiday accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces at Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point?

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