Factors to consider when booking Kangaroo Point holiday apartments

So, you’re current planning your next Brisbane holiday but stuck on the part of the region to choose for your accommodation. Have you ever considered Kangaroo Point? As the operations manager of Bridgewater Terraces, I can say that booking Kangaroo Point holiday apartments as your accommodation offers you many benefits, and best of all, it won’t cost you a fortune.

Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point

Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point Cliffs (Source: Tourism Australia)

But before you jump in and book a holiday apartment anywhere in Brisbane, there are a few factors that you need to consider to ensure that you make smart choices. I am confident that I’m in a good position to help you with this matter. Below is the list that you need to check out before you pay the deposit for your holiday apartment.

  1. Rate or Price – This is the first things you need to consider. Before you check if they offer certain amenities, or if they are strategically located in the heart of the city, you should make sure you can afford the apartment. Keep in mind that booking apartment accommodation is just one of your holiday expenses. Aside from that, you’ll also have to set aside money for your food & drinks, tours, transportation, airfare, souvenirs, etc. If you want to save on your accommodation expenses, forget about lavish hotels in and consider only booking Kangaroo Point holiday apartments. These are spacious, very affordable, and just one kilometre away from Brisbane CBD.
  2. Location – Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you won’t be forced to stay in the middle of nowhere when you arrive in Brisbane. The best location is the one that will bring you closer to major tourist attractions that you wish to experience. Should you decide to book holiday apartments in Kangaroo Point, just like the ones we offer here at Bridgewater Terraces, you’ll just be 7 minutes away from Brisbane CBD and 15 minutes away from the airport and Southbank. In addition, you’ll be close to some major tourist attractions including Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Eagle Pier.
  3. Facilities – Most travellers require certain facilities and amenities when they book accommodation. These could be swimming pool, gymnasium, spa & sauna, WiFi access, and anything that will make their holiday more convenient and more enjoyable. List down all the facilities that you need and make sure that your chosen accommodation can offer them to you before you finalise your booking. Also, if you’re staying for more than just a couple of days, you may want to enquire about fully equipped kitchen so you don’t have to eat out at expensive restaurants throughout your stay. You can find these facilities and more at Bridgewater Terraces’ holiday apartments.
  4. Space – Most travellers appreciate having space to move around freely; you don’t want to be bumping into your travel companions every 5 minutes right? Besides, space gives you more room to breathe in which is important if you want to relax. If space is important to you, then Kangaroo Point apartments are perfect because they are way more spacious than a small hotel room, and they’re cheaper so it’s a win-win!
  5. Feedback – Spend time researching your chosen accommodation before you book. Going to websites like TripAdvisor, you may find feedback that is posted by previous customers. How was their experience? Can they recommend the accommodation to other travellers? Doing this can help you figure out ahead of time if you’re going to make a smart decision.
  6. Customer service – Before you finalise your booking, call your chosen accommodation and ask as many questions as possible. The way they handle your call and your concerns will give you a solid idea on how they treat their customers. If they do not take the time to understand your questions and if they’re not polite enough, I’d suggest that you look elsewhere otherwise, you’re in for a big trouble later on.


There are so many things that you need to seriously consider when choosing your accommodation in Brisbane. These include price, available space, feedback from previous customers, customer service, location, and facilities.

Bridgewater Terraces apartments

Bridgewater Terraces

If you want to save money whilst still checking the box on all the items outlined above, make sure you choose Kangaroo Point holiday apartments for your accommodation. Those at Bridgewater Terraces feature great amenities & facilities plus an amazing location. Our riverside location is one of the reasons why travellers choose our apartments. Staying with us means being close to key districts and some of the most iconic tourist attractions including Eagle Pier and Kangaroo Point Cliffs. On top of that, you’ll be happy to know that all apartments come with fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities making them ideal for long term stay. Convinced that there is no better accommodation in Brisbane than Bridgewater Terraces? Then book now. You can do so by simply calling +61 7 3435 5216 or by booking online.

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