Kangaroo Point: The Perfect Brisbane Accommodation Option

Sometimes the central business district can be too crowded and bustling that you cannot obtain the respite and relaxation you’d be longing for during your holiday. Whenever you’re in Brisbane and you want a complete change of scenario once you retire, there’s no other good location to go than the Kangaroo Point.

Kangaroo Point is a peninsula well-known for its rhyolite rock. Interestingly, it wasn’t a product of natural event but by the build-up of lava flows from mining, which happens centuries ago.

It is a home of several medium to high-rise Brisbane apartments and offers quite a wide variety of activities to tourists. For one, the rock formation of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs provides a thrilling abseiling experience even for the veterans. It’s also common for tourists to go into hiking or biking, thanks to the presence of numerous trails.

Among the buildings, the most famous include the Mormon Temple and St. may Anglican Church. Underneath the cliff will be the Story Bridge Hotel, which is one of the oldest in the country. It has been built around the 1880s and now houses a number of bars and restaurants. Originally called the Kangaroo Point Hotel, it underwent renovation to depict its original appearance.

Near it will be the Captain Burke Park, which is frequented by families and friends who want to experience a more unique and cheaper way of meeting up. In the park there are barbecue and picnic areas.

At the northern point of Kangaroo Point is the famous Story Bridge, a cantilever bridge that connects tourists to the main city and the Fortitude Valley, which is widely known for its nightspots. You are also close to South Bank Parklands. The 17-hectare land has a lot of playgrounds and rides for the children. There’s a complex that has several boutiques and arts shops, as well as dining areas. It is also where you can find the famous Arbour. The park is nearby the Brisbane Wheel, a ride that gives you a unique 360-degree view of the city. Other attractions include Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane River Stage, and Maritime Museum.

Kangaroo Point is visited by thousands of locals and tourists every year, so Kangaroo Point accommodation options are many. One of the best is the Bridgewater Terraces, an apartment complex found within Kangaroo Point. The self-catering Kangaroo Point accommodation has full kitchen and laundry amenities, wide rooms, and a balcony with a good view of the well-manicured lawn and swimming pool.

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