Queensland Biggest Showday @ Brisbane Ekka

It may be referred to in different names — Royal Exhibition, the Royal Queensland Show, or the Exhibition — but one thing is for sure: ‘the Ekka’ is something you should not dare miss.

There are plenty of reasons why you should take part in the Ekka. For one, it’s known to be the last public event in Queensland before Christmas. Second, for several years, it has brought thousands of people from all over the world, a great time to meet new people and warm up with old friends. Most of all, it’s a very huge gathering that spells nothing but “fun” in all capital letters.

What can you expect from Brisbane’s Ekka? Plenty, and all of them for a very affordable ticket. The kids will surely love the presence of a myriad of farm animals, from sheep to cattle and ponies. They may even get a free lecture and a bag of freebies made up of chocolates. If you wish to have some time moving around, you can let them watch child-friendly performances such as Shrek or New MacDonald’s. These will get them glued to their seats. You can also leave them mesmerized in a Dinosaur Lecture and Dig. Who knows, they may take home some fossils.

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. The different competitions guarantee a whole lot of learning and enjoyment. You have bush poetry, wood chopping or lumberjacking, fine arts, equestrian, and quilting. You can also stay in the sidelights and watch as the farmers compete in combining fleece breeds, apiculture, the Royal Queensland Dog Show, young judges, and pisiculture.

What’s a sideshow alley with no rides? Go back to your childhood days or bring a lot of smiles—and shrills—to your loved ones. Get dainty in the carousel or be wild aboard the roller-coaster.

Give in to your gastronomic needs with your varied choices of cuisines and menus. For your light fares, you can try coffee and sandwich in the Coffee Club. Go Italian in CJ’s Pasta or Confit Bistro. Sate House offers Asian delectable meals.

The Taste of Queensland Stage will also never run out of talks—and food. Start the morning with a discussion and a sip of tea and end with a good perspective and a full plate of Australian cuisine called Multicultural Queensland.

Don’t leave early; the night dazzles with a fireworks show.

Indeed, Brisbane’s Ekka is one event that makes your Brisbane stay truly memorable. To add to that, you can stay in Bridgewater Terraces, which offers you the comfortable and convenient Brisbane accommodation during your stay.

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