Saturday Night Paddle & BBQ

Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience to share with your friends while in Brisbane? Why not try Brisbane’s Saturday Night Paddle & BBQ? With this experience, you will view this beautiful city entirely from a different perspective as you kayak up a river, enjoy the views, and end the cruise with traditional Australian-style BBQ and drinks by the banks. And did we mention all these happen on a Saturday night?

Paddle and BBQ on a Saturday night is one unique way of experiencing 3 things in Brisbane at the same time: enjoying night views of the city, making new friends (and keeping them tighter) and keeping fit. What can you expect from a Saturday night Paddle and BBQ package?

First, the kayaking tour begins with a guided night kayaking experience that lasts for an hour and a half. While kayaking, you will be illuminated with a built-in light that lights up only 600 meters of the river to allow you to appreciate the breath-taking city and river views while gliding through Brisbane’s iconic bridges. After the kayak, you get your much-awaited and well-deserved treat consisting of Australian main dishes served with soft drinks, beer and wine.

What makes the Paddle and BBQ experience worth noting is that any visitor – with or without kayaking experience – can try this adventure. The session involves full, clear instructions, safety briefing, as well as all equipment use. The sessions are guided with experienced and qualified instructors who are willing to assist you with any concerns. However, for obvious reasons, participants less than 12 years of age will not be admitted. It is also necessary to book ahead of time. This is one of Brisbane’s most sought after night activities, so prior booking is highly recommended. Private group session bookings of at least 8 people are welcome (done any night of the week except Saturday).

Participants who wish to participate in a Saturday Night Paddle and BBQ experience must expect their clothes to get wet (thus, bringing spare change of clothes is highly recommended). Kayaking will be done barefoot and complimentary sunscreen, shower and lockers are available.

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Find out more about the Saturday Night Paddle & BBQ at http://www.riverlife.com.au/saturday-night-paddle-bbq/

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