Spend a Day at Fortitude Valley

The atmosphere of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley is anything but quiet. In fact, it has one of the most colorful histories. Named after a ship called SS Fortitude, ‘the Valley’ as locals call it was a red light district, with brothels and bars serving pure adult entertainment. It was only later when business owners decided to shift their focus to include another variety of customers such as the hip teens and the young adults.

Today, Fortitude Valley is filled with numerous cafes, pubs, and take-away establishments. There are also a number of clubs that play techno and hip-hop music such as the Beat Mega Club and Troubadour. Ann Street is a popular place, especially for those who want to go shopping. There you will find countless boutiques offering a wide range of apparel, from high-end brands to clothes with a very edgy design, usually made by local designers.

Chinatown at Fortitude Valley remains to be a huge hit. It’s a must-see place if you want to get the best bargains from various goods including kitchenware and dresses. It’s also the home of authentic Chinese restaurants, those serving original green tea and dishes cooked in woks. The entrance of the mall is also hard to miss. It’s a traditional Chinese gate with several kilograms’ heavy guard lions made of stone.

Brunswick Street is ideal for people who are looking for alternatives in Fortitude Valley. The restaurants are al fresco and give you an easy view of the market stalls. Your walk here may also lead you to the New Farm and Ann Street. It’s also very near the centuries-old Empire Hotel.

Fortitude Valley also has a museum called Queensland Military Memorial Museum, which has collections dating back to the early 1800s.

It also never runs out of festivals and local events. The most famous will be the Valley Fiesta, which normally lasts for three days. Around this time, popular musicians will offer free music, and market stalls will be selling their goods at marked-down prices. Since 2004, Fortitude Valley also has its yearly Valley Jazz Festival. The Commercial Swimming Club and Fortitude Valley Diehards are meant for its swimming and football teams.

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