The Gabba: No Brisbane Trip Is Complete without a Visit

Australians are definitely fun-loving people. They are engaged in several outdoor activities and sports. Two of the most popular are cricket and football. Fortunately, stadiums and parks are abundant.

Brisbane’s most popular stadium is ‘the Gabba‘, which is actually the Brisbane Cricket Ground. It opened during the early parts of the 1900s where crickets were being played. However, later on, it also became the home for the AFL or the Australian Football League.

The Gabba is massive. It can occupy more than 40,000 people in one sitting. Thus, you can definitely feel the electrifying cheers from the crowd. It also doesn’t seem to lack of sports events. So cricket and football lovers, this is certainly the place to be.

However, it’s not only a sports venue. Those who love to listen to great music can head to the Gabba to catch live performances of some of the hottest bands and entertainers all over the world. The center also has special rooms that can be utilized for functions and exhibits. It’s not going to be surprising if you can catch a fair or two or check out an art exhibit once you walk in.

You can also head to the upper portion of the stadium, where you can get a much clearer glimpse of the entire venue, as well as the grounds. This is also the perfect place to be if you want to take photos of the event or even of the area.

It also has a dining room that acts as a “museum.” It holds plenty of articles that are related to cricket and the Gabba.

Sometimes you want to be in the middle of the action. You can call ahead and know the schedule for their practice areas. You may also catch the boys on training. Who knows, they may be open to the idea of you trying out some new skills.

Get hungry? Within the stadium, you can find plenty of people selling a wide variety of food and snacks you can bring along while watching your favorite game. You can also just head to the nearby café if you are looking for more gourmet food or better light fares. Parents with children can make use of the parents’ room while there are several toilets all over the vicinity for convenience.

If you want to catch the action first hand, make sure you can secure your Brisbane accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces. It’s only few kilometers away from the Gabba.

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