The Sunday Mail Suncorp Bridge to Brisbane

Would you like to engage in a noteworthy activity while in Brisbane? Why don’t you register for the annual Sunday Mail Suncorp Bridge fun run? It is an activity that gathers almost 50,000 people for one day.

The event, held every August, is not just your typical fun run. It is in support of various organizations, which will serve to be the receivers of the proceeds. There are also no very strict guidelines when it comes to competing. Anyone can do so, as long as they are fit to run. In fact, you may just find moms with their infants on hand or with pushed strollers and prams. You can also see kids competing in two categories.

Participants can compete in two ways: individual and teams. For the latter, a team can be composed of up to 5 individuals, competing in the same distance, which can be 5km or 10km. The individual, on the other hand, can compete in only one distance.

Families can look forward to several activities right after the event. There will be overflowing of food and beverages. Everyone can sit and watch live performances from well-known local and international bands. Market stalls selling a wide variety of goods, from the local produce to arts and crafts, will be put up.

It is spoken by many that the atmosphere in the Suncorp Bridge fun run is really fun. Because of this, it has attracted thousands of people, making it the second biggest fun run in the entire country.

It does not matter if you are an avid runner. There are running courses available for twelve weeks. Professionals will teach you how to combat fatigue or how to run properly to give you an edge over the others.

If you do not like to compete, you have the option to watch from the side lines. Just make sure you can take note of the road closures. Otherwise, you will never get to see the competition if you stay at the wrong place. You can also volunteer. The run usually invites hundreds of volunteers who stay in various areas, such as the water section or the recover area.

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