Top 5 secret beaches in Brisbane, revealed!

Brisbane Beaches

Holidaying in Brisbane is certainly a great experience. Our city boasts of stunning natural beauty, upscale shopping destinations, amazing nightlife and plenty of beaches – what? Brisbane has beaches, you ask? Well yes and no. There are some fantastic not so well known beaches you can access from Brisbane which shouldn’t be missed – especially if you’re a beach bum at heart!

So, continue reading this post as I list 5 secret beaches in Brisbane which are both secluded and incredibly beautiful. Whether you’re a holidaymaker or a local, visiting these beaches is a must!

1. South Burleigh Headland

South Burleigh Headland is a hidden beach cove located in Tallebudgera Creek, some 85km south of Brisbane. This pristine beach presents amazing sights – white sand against the cool blue ocean and rocky greenery on the other side. In fact, the mouth of this beach is so visually appealing, it looks like something straight off a postcard!

This undercover beach is completely secluded and to get to it, you’ll need to walk 300m from the southern end of National Park. The walkway opens out to an amazing stretch of rainforests and azure water. You cannot expect to find such a tranquil beach anywhere in Brisbane, so make sure to take a day trip to this gorgeous beach location.

2. Froggy Beach, Coolangatta

Froggy Beach is considered by locals as one of the finest hidden beaches in Queensland. This divine beach is wedged between Point Danger and Snapper Rocks and consists of a narrow pocket of sand. From salty rockpools to palm trees, this hidden beach offers some majestic sights.

While this beach isn’t really for swimming, locals tout it to be an amazing surfing destination. The secluded nature of this beach, combined with pristine natural beauty make it the perfect Instagram backdrop. Do take the time to drop by this fantastic hidden beach, which is 100km south of Brisbane.

3. Brunswick Heads, North Coast NSW

Brunswick Heads may only be 20 minutes north from the hustle-bustle of Byron, but it is highly secluded. The beach at Brunswick Heads consists of an endless stretch of white sand, fringed by palm trees on one side and the ocean on the other.

This estuary is incredibly visually appealing, making it the perfect spot to relax in. And, the waters are shallow, so you can even hit the ocean for a little swim. Find Brunswick Heads 150km south of Brisbane, in North Coast New South Wales.

4. Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Cylinder Beach on North Stradbroke Island is considered to be a local’s secret. This majestic beach consists of a sprawling cove which is naturally protected from strong winds. The waves at this beach are gentle and the waters are fairly shallow, making it perfect for swimmers of all abilities. And, the long stretch of white sand at this beach makes it ideal for sunbathing as well.

Cylinder Beach is located 30km from Brisbane and is just a stone’s throw away from Point Lookout. So, despite being secluded, you’ll always have restaurants, cafes and shops to keep you occupied.

5. Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast – EDITORS PICK!

Currumbin Beach

Currumbin Beach. By Steven Johnson (Flickr)

I’m actually surprised that Currumbin Beach is not more well-known. From swimming to kayaking, this tranquil beach offers a range of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. The beach is surrounded by rainforests and mountains, making it even more scenic.

Despite offering a tranquil repose, Currumbin Beach has plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants in the vicinity. This beach has so much to offer that it is a must visit destination– regardless of whether you’re a local or a holidaymaker. However bear in mind that it is a good 1hr drive from Brisbane on the Gold Coast.


Brisbane is home to some fantastic secret beaches which only locals know about. Some of these hidden beaches accessible via Brisbane include South Burleigh Headland, Froggies Beach, Brunswick Heads, Cylinder Beach and Currumbin Beach. These beaches all offer tranquil and serene surroundings for you to relax in.

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