4 solid reasons to book Brisbane accommodation apartments over Airbnb

Many travellers choose to book Brisbane accommodation via Airbnb. While Airbnb is great, let me tell you that it’s not the best option.

So what kind of accommodation should you look for in Brisbane? Well, the short answer is Brisbane accommodation apartments. Self-contained holiday apartments offer you many benefits over Airbnb. And, I’m not saying this because I offer self-contained holiday apartments myself.

Today, I will list 4 compelling reasons why you should consider Brisbane accommodation apartments over Airbnb. When you’re done reading this article, I bet you won’t consider booking an Airbnb as your Brisbane accommodation.

Consistent facilities and amenities

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While some Airbnb apartments offer great facilities and amenities, there’s no guarantee that your next booking will be as great. In fact, inconsistency in facilities and amenities is one major problem that Airbnb faces currently. Many people make new bookings based on their previous experiences and end up being disappointed.

However, by choosing Brisbane accommodation apartments, you won’t have any problems with inconsistency. Most quality holiday apartments in Brisbane, including ours at Bridgewater Terraces, offer amazing facilities and amenities. More importantly, the facilities and amenities that we provide are consistent across every one of our holiday apartments. What you see listed on our website is exactly what you’ll get when you stay with us.

Better customer support and communication

customer support

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider Brisbane accommodation apartments over Airbnb is communication and customer support. With an Airbnb booking, you cannot expect to avail professional levels of support. Airbnb hosts are normal individuals, and you may not even meet your host face to face. In case of any problems, the Airbnb helpline is your only hope.

On the other hand, at holiday apartments such as Bridgewater Terraces, you’ll receive the best level of customer support. Right from booking our apartments to arranging for personalised service, we will offer you professional levels of support. We’re always available to help you out, and our support team is available 24/7.

Quality control measures

quality control

When you’re on a Brisbane holiday, you want your accommodation to be just the way you want. There should be no problems with the quality once you’ve made a booking. However, this is something that you won’t get from Airbnb. We’ve all heard plenty of Airbnb horror stories, most of which boil down to quality control. The lack of quality control on Airbnb is something that can make or break your vacation.

However, with self-contained apartments such as ours at Bridgewater Terraces, you’ll never have an issue with quality. We will offer you everything that is advertised at the time of booking, ranging from free Wi-Fi to car parking and from air conditioning to heating. And, we make sure to prepare our apartments for guests before arrival. You can always count on being welcomed by our Brisbane accommodation apartments.

More cost effective

Quality control measures

Finally, one of the biggest reasons to consider Brisbane accommodation apartments over Airbnb is cost-effectiveness. While most people consider Airbnb to be incredibly cost-effective, there are usually hidden costs. Quite often, you’ll be advertised a price on Airbnb, but you’ll end up paying more due to hidden charges.

But, you’ll find none of that with us at Bridgewater Terraces. The prices you see listed on our website are all-inclusive prices. There are no hidden charges or special surcharges. And, our prices are very competitive as well and start from as low as $140 per night. No Airbnb apartment or home will offer you as much as we do for this price.


When it comes to finding accommodation in Brisbane, you should always choose Brisbane accommodation apartments over Airbnb. This is because holiday apartments are more consistent in terms of facilities and amenities than Airbnb. Holiday apartments also offer better customer support and communication and have better quality control measures than Airbnb. Finally, holiday apartments in Brisbane don’t include hidden costs and are often more cost-effective than Airbnb.

I’m sure you’re convinced, and you’re considering looking for Brisbane accommodation apartments now. For this, look no further than our spacious 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments at Bridgewater Terraces.

Take a look at our range of Brisbane accommodation apartments and book with us today!

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Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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