7 legit reasons to book a 2 bedroom apartment

If you’re planning an upcoming Brisbane holiday with your family or friends, you have a few accommodation options at your disposal. Of course, there are many hotels in Brisbane that you can consider. However, I strongly urge you to consider 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane, more specifically Kangaroo Point. Staying at a hotel can be expensive for a family or a small group of friends, not to mention that the holiday experience isn’t all that great at a hotel.

However, there are several benefits to choosing holiday apartments over hotels in Brisbane. As someone who offers holiday apartments myself, I am well aware of these benefits. Continue reading this article to discover what they are. By the end of it, I’m sure that you’ll be very eager to book 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane for your holiday.

1. Home-like comfort

holiday apartment

A holiday apartment provides all the comforts of home

Many of our guests here at the Bridgewater Terraces choose our 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane for comfort. Indeed, our apartments are designed to offer you home-like comfort on your holiday. All our apartments feature separate living and dining areas, bedrooms and kitchens. Thanks to the fully equipped kitchen and laundry, you’ll have everything that you possibly need in our apartments.

2. Fully equipped kitchens

Fully equipped kitchens

Each of our apartments are equipped with full kitchens

As I mentioned, each and every one of our 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane feature fully equipped kitchens. Ranging from stoves, microwaves, ovens, kettles, toasters, dishwashers and utensils, our apartments have it all! This means that you can enjoy home cooked meals on your holiday and save money by not eating out all the time.

3. Customised experience


Bridgewater Terraces’ lagoon pool

I’ve often had guests tell me that they love the customised holiday experience offered by our 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane. Our apartments are comfortable and feature great amenities and facilities. Moreover, Bridgewater Terraces also offer fabulous resort facilities including a pool and secure parking.

4. Freedom and privacy

separate dining area

2 Bedroom apartments offer separate dining areas

If you stay at a hotel, you’ll have a tough time with freedom and privacy. However, this is not an issue when you choose our 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane. Our apartments are completely self-contained, meaning that you’ll have total freedom and privacy to do as you please. Whether you want to work, play, relax or entertain friends, you can do it all in an apartment.

5. More space

private balconySit back and enjoy the views from your private balcony

Even the best of hotels fall short of 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane when it comes to spaciousness. If you’re travelling with family or with a group of mates, then you simply mustn’t book a hotel. Our 2 bedroom apartments feature separate rooms, dining and living areas, private balconies and separate bathrooms. You’ll never have a problem with space if you stay at our holiday apartments.

6. Carefree experience

Friends on holiday

Holidays are meant to be relaxing and not stressful. For this reason, many of our guests choose our 2 bedroom apartments because it offers a carefree experience. By staying in an apartment, you have everything that you need to enjoy a relaxing and memorable holiday.

7. Cost effective

Cost effective holiday

Probably the biggest reason to choose 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane is because it is incredibly affordable. For as low as $140 per night, you can rent a 2 bedroom holiday apartment from us at the Bridgewater Terraces. This is far cheaper than hotels or any other type of accommodation in Brisbane for that matter. Look at our 2 bedroom apartment prices to know more about our rates.


There are many benefits to choosing a 2 bedroom apartment over a hotel in Brisbane. You’ll get to enjoy home-like comfort with fully equipped kitchens in a holiday apartment. Holiday apartments offer a customised experience, more freedom and privacy, more space and a better carefree experience as compared to a hotel.

You certainly can’t expect to enjoy any of these benefits, even if you choose the best hotels in Brisbane for your accommodation. Also, 2 bedroom apartments are much more cost effective than hotels. I’m sure with all these reasons, you’ll forget about booking a Brisbane hotel for your upcoming holiday!

For 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane, you won’t find better value for money then Bridgewater Terraces. Make a booking with us by calling us at  07 3435 5216 today!

About Denis Goodman

Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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