How to find accommodation near Brisbane airport

Brisbane Airport AccommodationFinding accommodation near Brisbane airport is relatively easy. This is because you’ll be presented with many choices based on your preference and budget. When making decision, consider the facilities that you need to make your holiday more comfortable and enjoyable. Do you need WiFi connection or do you prefer a hotel with but business centre? Also, consider the size of each room, the reputation of the hotel, and of course, the rate. You’ll most likely to find the best accommodation for you if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Brisbane accommodationOne of the highly recommended options for accommodation near Brisbane Airport is Bridgewater Terraces apartments. We are just 15-minutes away from the airport and very close to important establishments and some tourist attractions. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Brisbane for a holiday with friends of family or on a business trip; we’ve got exactly what you need. If you’re travelling with your whole family, you can take advantage of our spacious 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartments. Because of our cheaper rates, you can stretch your budget and even stay in Brisbane a bit longer. We also have 1 bedroom apartments that are often booked as corporate accommodation for business travellers.

Meanwhile, our amenities include outdoor swimming pool (that your family will surely love), spa, and gymnasium. Got a car? Then, we’ve got covered parking for you as well.

For accommodation near Brisbane airport, make Bridgewater Terraces your choice! Just 15 minutes from the airport, your Brisbane home away from home is waiting. Call or contact us now and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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