Best location to book hotels in Brisbane

Are you an international guest looking to visit our country for the very first time? Well then chances are you know very little about Brisbane. Sure, you may say that it’s the biggest city in Queensland and it’s the capital of the region but when it comes to booking the best hotels in Brisbane, chances are you’ll have no idea what the best location is. If that’s statement is applicable to you, you’ll be happy to know that in this article, you’ll get expert recommendations that will help you find the best location book hotels in Brisbane – taking your needs and preferences into consideration.

Location choices for hotels in Brisbane

When it comes to booking hotels in Brisbane, you basically have two options: Inner City Precincts and Urban Precincts (outside the city). If you decide to book hotels in Brisbane’s inner city precincts, your choices include Brisbane City, South Bank, and Fortitude Valley. Hotels in Brisbane City are recommended for younger crowd as it allows you to be in the heart of the party scene while hotels in South Bank are very popular with families due to different attractions and amenities that are specifically designed for family entertainment. Meanwhile, Fortitude Valley was the country’s first dedicated entertainment district and even now, it is still the hive of activity.

For urban precincts, your choices include Ascot & Hamilton, Brisbane’s Bayside, Bulimba & Hawthorne, Kangaroo Pt/Woolloongabba, Caxton Street, The Barracks, Milton & Park Road, New Farm & Teneriffe, Paddington & Rosalie & the West End.

Kangaroo Point to Brisbane CBD

View from Kangaroo Point to Brisbane CBD

But if you’re asking a local for recommendation, I would say choose Kangaroo Point. I maybe a little biased given this is where you’ll find Bridgewater Terraces, but truly, Kangaroo Point is ideal for all sorts of travellers. It is perfect if you’re looking for some peace and quiet – somewhere that you can totally relax and be away from the noise of CBD, but not too far away! In fact, our apartments here at Bridgewater Terraces are just one kilometer away from the CBD and just 15 minutes away from the airport. Yet, we’re still very close to some of Brisbane’s famous tourist attractions including Eagle Street Pier, which is an iconic waterfront precinct offering great dining experience while having Story Bridge and the views of Brisbane River as your backdrop. Other nearby attractions include the Story Bridge adventure climb, exhibition centre, and GABBA Cricket Ground. The best part is, if when looking for hotels in Brisbane, you do choose Kangaroo Point as your location you can look forward to cheaper rates – bonus! Book a 1 bedroom apartment for as low as $115 per night.

When looking for hotels in Brisbane, choose Bridgewater Terraces

If you’re travelling on a budget, forget about booking expensive hotels in Brisbane inner city precincts. For great value accommodation, choose an affordable apartment at Bridgewater Terraces. Call us up at +61 7 3435 5216 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. For enquiries, please send your questions here.

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