Best destinations to book accommodation in Brisbane

Brisbane being the capital city of Queensland is one of the top rated holiday destinations on TripAdvisor and it’s very easy to understand why. It features almost perfect weather, friendly people, offers amazing natural sceneries and man-made wonders like the South Bank Pools. It also offers travellers with endless of list things to do and sights to see. Whether you’re into adventure, arts & culture, or shopping and dining or you’re looking for the best place to relax and unwind, you can be assured that Brisbane has a very long list of things to offer you.

When it comes to booking accommodation in Brisbane, you’ll find that there are various destinations within, and around the city to choose from. If you’re looking for the best advice on the best location, you should talk with someone who has expertise in this field as choosing the best destination for your accommodation in Brisbane will depend on several things. Some of the things to consider are the tourist attractions that you would like to see, the kind of activities that you would like to do, the purpose of your trip, and of course, your personal preferences.

As a tourism professional, I’d like to offer some advice to help you choose where to book your accommodation in Brisbane more wisely.

Booking accommodation in Brisbane CBD

accommodation in Brisbane CBD

Accommodation in Brisbane CBD

I would recommend staying in Brisbane CBD if you want to be close to all the action. This destination is perfect for younger generations who are looking to let their hair down and party. Staying in Brisbane’s CBD means being minutes away from the city’s best shopping centres, nightclubs, and to the famous Queen Street Mall. As this location is preferred by lots of travellers, it’s the best place to check out if you’re looking for Brisbane’s finest hotels and other types of accommodation. However, Brisbane CBD is the most popular, therefore expensive, destination so be prepared to pay top dollar.

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Booking accommodation at Southbank

Southbank, Brisbane, QLD

Accommodation at Southbank

Southbank is the preferred destination for families visiting Brisbane as it offers a wide variety of family-friendly activities and areas such as the South Bank parklands, where children can enjoy several attractions including man-made lagoons. Southbank also offers The Wheel of Brisbane, which is popular with all tourists, weekend markets where I’m sure you’ll find something unique to bring home as a souvenir and the greatest dining districts in the city. The only downside of choosing Southbank as your location for accommodation in Brisbane is that like the CBD, it can be expensive. The up side is however, having everything at your fingertips, you’ll save on transport costs.

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Booking accommodation at Kangaroo Point

Bridgewater Terraces, Kangaroo Point apartments

Accommodation at Kangaroo Point

If you’re looking forward to having relaxing time away from the noise of CBD but still be close to major attractions, an ideal destination is Kangaroo Point, which is just 1km away from Brisbane CBD. Kangaroo Point is best suited for families, older generations or those in need of short-term accommodation. It’s quieter compared to the two previous destinations I’ mentioned, but still close enough to the city that you won’t lose too much time travelling to and from your accommodation. The best thing about booking accommodation at Kangaroo Point is that it’s a lot cheaper. In fact, you can get a spacious 2 bedroom apartment from just $115 per night.

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Bridgewater Terraces – The ideal choice for accommodation in Brisbane

If you’re looking to save when booking accommodation in Brisbane, choose to stay with us at Bridgewater Terraces at Kangaroo Point. We offer affordable 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments with rates that start at just $115 per night.

If you’re ready to book your Brisbane accommodation with us, then simply call us up at +61 7 3435 5216 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. For enquiries, please send your questions here.

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