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After a busy working week, it’s no surprise many Aussies love nothing more than to escape to a weekend getaway to enjoy a little R&R and this has just reiterated by the latest tourist figures.

Australian domestic travel has only increased over the last few years, attracting more and more families looking to spend their precious holiday time staying right here in Australia. With countless holiday destinations to explore, it’s little wonder why many have a difficult time deciding which destination to choose for their domestic holiday. With this in mind, I thought I would use my experience to explain why you should choose to visit Brisbane for your domestic travel this year.

First, let’s look at the latest statistics on domestic travel.

The latest figures released by Tourism Research Australia show domestic travel has increased, with significant surges in certain areas, including trip spend, overnight trips and nights spent for a holiday here. These growths are quite encouraging, as it means more Australians are taking domestic holidays, which of course helps improve Australian Tourism. Here are the statistics, as they were presented for at the end of March 2015, in comparison to the end of March 2014:

  • In the area of Trip Spend, the domestic travel has met an increase of six percent in comparison to the previous year, achieving $55662 million
  • The Overnight Trips have increased with six percent, getting to 82,306 million
  • The Nights have met an increase of nine percent, getting to 312 million

As you can see, the results in the presented fields are positive, with relatively high increases compared to the previous year.

These results alone should be a good enough reason to consider domestic travel for your holiday! There are however more important things to take into consideration when planning a domestic holiday than the current domestic travel statistics, and this includes elements such as attractions and activities on offer, the weather, and of course where to stay. As an accommodation provider myself, obviously for me, the most important element is securing accommodation. With this said, if you are considering visiting Brisbane for your holiday, it’s a good idea to do a little research and explore your accommodation options because when it comes to Brisbane, there is so much more on offer than the city’s hotels.

If you decide to follow my advice, then you will be saving yourself a lot of time looking for Brisbane accommodation by simply contacting the reservations staff at Bridgewater Terraces. Here, we offer you the opportunity to book accommodation staying at Kangaroo Point, directly on the picturesque Brisbane River for a little as $155 per night.

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Of course, you can also find other Brisbane accommodation options in the area such as hotels, but once you compare the costs, and more importantly the value for money, you will see that they pale in comparison.

The location of our Brisbane accommodation offers you the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views, while the spacious interiors offer you comfort and convenience throughout your stay. Regardless of what apartment that you get at Bridgewater Terraces, you will either be able to admire beautiful gardens or spectacular views of the Brisbane River. Our friendly staff are on-hand to make sure that you are completely satisfied and enjoy your stay.


If you are thinking about joining one of the millions of Australians who have decided to holiday within Australia, then I strongly urge you to consider Brisbane as your destination. Here, you are guaranteed a wonderful time as you experience one of the best locations Australia has to offer.

As for your Brisbane accommodation, you need not worry as you can find fantastic apartments at very affordable rates right here at Bridgewater Terraces. Visit our website if you would like to learn more about our location, availability and rates. We hope to see you soon on your next domestic holiday!

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