Booking an apartment? Here’s how to get the best deal

Aussies simply love taking a holiday. Every year, thousands of Aussies choose to take a domestic holiday and this number is only increasing. In fact, Roy Morgan Research Holiday Tracking Survey states that the number of Australians intending to take a holiday within Australia in the 12 months is at a five year high. And, no doubt you’re one such person, given that you’ve landed on this page.

However, this increased intention provides a couple of drawbacks for holidaymakers such as yourself. First, there will be less availability and second, because of the heavy demand, apartment prices will increase. So, how do you combat these drawbacks? The answer is by finding the best deal possible. And today I’ll help you do just that.

As the owner of Bridgewater Terraces, I’ve helped several of our guests score fantastic deals on their apartments. So, continue reading this article as I list some effective tips on how you too can get the best deal on Brisbane apartments.

1. Compare prices online

This is somewhat of a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised to know how many people simply don’t compare prices. Don’t be one such person.

Before you plan your travel dates and book an apartment, make sure to compare prices online to find the best deal. Travel websites such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com and Travelocity can save you a good deal of money.

2. Don’t book through third party websites

Once you’ve found the best deal online, call the apartment direct to ask for a better deal.

Most holiday makers these days book accommodation through the third party travel websites that I mentioned earlier. While this can certainly be convenient, let me assure you that you’ll never get the best deal. Why so, you ask? It’s because third party websites are offered a commission for driving sales. This commission typically ranges from 20-30%.

Use the travel websites to find the best deal then, instead of booking through the website, try calling the apartment directly and ask for a rebate. Tell them to offer you a 10-15% discount on the price listed on the travel websites. Accommodation providers are happy to oblige as they are still saving on commissions – it’s a win-win situation for both.

3. Ask directly for a lower rate

Similar to the above, many Brisbane apartments run special packages or promotions which you may not know about. If you don’t ask for a lower rate, you’re letting a great opportunity go to waste.

So, next time you’re booking an apartment, ask directly if any special rates apply to you. You might avail special discounts for families, senior citizens, corporates, government discounts, frequent flier, weekend discounts and many others!

4. Be flexible with your travel dates

Every city experiences peak seasons typically around the holidays, where there is a massive inflow of tourists. Obviously, to meet heavy demand, Brisbane apartments hike prices during this period.

If possible, I’d recommend that you avoid visiting Brisbane during the peak seasons. Be flexible with your travel dates and you’re certain to land a great deal on Brisbane apartments. Alternatively, you can simply book an apartment at Bridgewater Terraces – our apartments are affordable all year round.

5. Check for hidden costs

One thing I’ve learnt is that many holidaymakers jump into booking Brisbane apartments without checking for hidden costs. Inevitably, they end up blowing their budget upon arrival.

You must understand that the base price isn’t the only thing that will be reflected in your total bill. There may be hidden resort fees, taxes, parking charges and various other miscellaneous costs which you need to incur. Ask the apartment upfront whether their listed price is all-inclusive.

Alternately, to avoid this, book an apartment with us at Bridgewater Terraces. Our prices are all-inclusive. We only charge you a surcharge if you have extra guests living with you in your apartment or require Wi-Fi access.


When it comes to finding the best deal on Brisbane apartments, there are certain tips you should follow. Ask your accommodation provider directly for a lower rate on special packages and promotions. Don’t book through third party websites and be flexible with your travel dates. Also, always check for hidden costs and compare prices online before you make a booking. This way, you’re sure to land a great deal on your accommodation.

Or, you can avoid all the hassle and simply make a booking with us at Bridgewater Terraces. We offer luxurious 1, 2 and 3-bedroom holiday apartments at the cheapest prices all year round.

About Denis Goodman

Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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