Brisbane Accommodation bookings down due to visitor decline

As a Brisbane accommodation provider, it is part of my job to understand the inflow and outflow of tourists in this part of the region. And although I could only wish for better numbers, the figures released in the year ending March 2014 were nothing but. According to Tourism and Events Queensland, Australians continued to keep overnight travels close to home and in the year ending March 2014. The findings shows that although the number of visitors, which include holiday and business visitors, have increased marginally Queensland-wide, Brisbane accommodation bookings in hotels have declined.

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In the same period, Brisbane welcomed 5,035,000 visitors. This included those people who were visiting friends and family, those here for business, and those who were here for leisure. Although the visitor number is large, it represents a -1.2% drop when compared to figures gathered last year. Holiday visitors on the other hand increased marginally, increasing +0.5% to 1,411,000. According to the same report, the decline in overall visitors was due to the drop in both employment and business travel.

When it comes to tourists’ expenditure, the numbers dropped as well. While holiday visitors’ expenses increase by +0.5%, business visitors’ expenses dropped by -2.5%. Taking the whole picture, the expenditure of more than 5 million visitors who went here last year plunged by -4.4% to 3,108 million.

Interstate visitors have declined across all markets except regional Victoria and regional NSW. In Brisbane, although holiday visitors increased slightly, the numbers of VFR travel (those visiting a friend or relative) declined significantly pulling down the numbers into negative territory. Meanwhile, international visitors also declined by -1.6% compared to figures released the same time last year. VFR visitors and holiday travel remained stable but the numbers were dragged by business travellers which declined by -11.5%. Travellers who were here for education purposes also declined, dropping -14.1%.

Key Domestic Source Markets to Brisbane

130,000 or 32% of Brisbane’s visitors came from Regional Victoria. This represent a huge increase of 32.7% compared to data gathered the year before. These visitors spent a total of 652,000 nights in Brisbane accommodation, which gave the region that much-needed boost in its tourism sector. But the biggest number of visitors came from Regional QLD. Although the number declined by -8.0%, Brisbane received a total of 2,286,000 visitors from the region who spent a total of 5,998,000 nights enjoying Brisbane accommodation. This represents -11.1% drop. The biggest improvement though came from home – Brisbane. 751,000 Brisbane residents explored the capital city and this registers a whopping +40.4% increase. Other source markets include Melbourne (329,000 visitors; -8.9%), Sydney (572,000 visitors; +.5%), and Regional NSW (600,000; +2.0%).

Key International Source Markets

For the year ending March 2014, the number one international source market remains to be New Zealand where 164,000 visitors came from. This number is down -4.0% compared to 2013. They’ve spent 1,401,000 nights in Brisbane accommodation, down -10.2% compared to previous year. UK, on the other hand, is a whole new different story where visitors increased by +11.9% to 122,000. UK visitors people a total of 2,032,000 nights, which definitely made Brisbane accommodation providers like me happy. The top country based on the number of visitors is China where we saw 128,000 tourists visit our region, up +3.9% on the previous year. The Chinese spent 2,9993,000 nights in Brisbane accommodation which saw a +2.5% increase. Other international source markets include USA, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Brisbane accommodation bookings down – What does this mean for you?

The drop in Brisbane accommodation, believe it or not, offers you with great benefits particularly if you’re planning to visit the capital city of Queensland anytime soon. You see, when demand for a specific product or service goes down, the price usually follows. This means that with the numbers presented above, there’s a great chance that you can get Brisbane accommodation including hotels, serviced apartments, or even resorts for more affordable prices. I’ve personally seen a lot of accommodation providers are offering some great deals on their Brisbane accommodation to increase their occupancy rates.

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Brisbane accommodation bookings have declined in the year ending March 2014. However, this is something that you shouldn’t worry about as this means more affordable Brisbane accommodation for you. If you’re looking for a riverside location that is close to where all the actions happen, consider Bridgewater Terraces where you can find beautiful, luxurious, and stylish serviced apartments at extremely affordable rates.

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