Brisbane Apartment accommodation for a domestic holiday

Tourism Industry Thrived in 2013Brisbane’s tourism industry thrived in the year ending December 2013 where the city saw an overall increase of 3.1% in the number of tourists, which is driven by continued growth in intrastate visitors. Brisbane received a total of 5,146,000 visitors; 1,499,000 of which were holiday visitors. This sector boasts 14.3% increase compared to previous year’s data and the overall effect was a 7.3% increase in expenditure.

This year, it is forecasted that the number of Brisbane tourists will increase due to improved economy and countless attractions resulting in even more competition for booking Brisbane apartments.

Looking for the best, affordable Brisbane apartment? Consider Bridgewater Terraces

Bridgewater Terraces, Brisbane ApartmentIf you’re one of those people who are planning to visit Brisbane this year make sure to book your accommodation way ahead of your travel date as this will help you get cheaper rates. When doing your research, you’ll find that although there are hundreds of choices when it comes to Brisbane apartments, finding the right one isn’t exactly easy particularly if you’re going during high season. If you want to stay in a luxurious serviced apartment that offers great amenities and facilities, choose Bridgewater Terraces in Kangaroo Point. We are just 7-minute ferry ride away from Brisbane CBD yet we offer you with everything you need to make your holiday more worthwhile. Our luxurious but affordable Brisbane apartments are set amidst the magnificent Brisbane River and are surrounded by tropical gardens. Sounds like something you’ll be interested in? Then, contact us now or call us at +61 7 3435 5216 for instant booking.

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