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Riverside hotels in Southbank

Riverside hotels in Southbank are the most popular options for travellers visiting Brisbane and it’s not hard to understand why. Southbank is the city’s premiere cultural and lifestyle destination. Perfectly nestled on southern part of the Brisbane River, this is where you can enjoy 17 hectares of lush, relaxing parklands and amazing dining and shopping precincts. Staying here means enjoying amazing river views from sun up to sun down and being right where several delightful events are held annually. Although booking a riverside hotel in Southbank is something most travellers find appealing, there is a downside. Due to enormous demand from both local and international travellers, rates for riverside hotels can be really expensive particularly during high season. Although you’ll be saving on transport given you’ll be walking distance to everything you want to experience, paying as much as $350 per night for a 1 bedroom apartment can easily take a huge chunk on your holiday budget.

Cheaper alternatives to a riverside hotel in Southbank

Brisbane Riveside accommodation

Riverside apartments at Kangaroo Point

If your dream Brisbane holiday really includes staying in a riverside hotel, you’ll be pleased to know you can make this happen without it costing a fortune. Your best alternative is right here with Bridgewater Terraces. We are conveniently located across the east portion of the Brisbane River and offer a range of riverside apartments.

Our riverside location makes our apartments extremely popular with tourists, particularly those looking to relax while in the city. They are known to be a great alternative to riverside hotel in Southbank because of the great value for money they offer, whilst still bosting amazing riverside views. Rates for a 1 bedroom apartment start at just $115 per night and will rival any riverside hotel in Southbank. But don’t be fooled with the cheap rate because our apartments are anything but cheap. With well-appointed interiors and modern appliances, our apartments also offer great facilities and amenities.

As for the location, I am happy to say that Southbank is only 3 kilometres away from Bridgewater Terraces, an easy morning walk to start the day off right. If you prefer to hire a bike, all you have to do is to follow the walking and bike path that will allow you to fully enjoy the scenery of the Brisbane River. Of course, you can catch the City Cat, which will just take 7 minutes to take you to the Southbank. See? You don’t have to spend around $350 on riverside hotel in Southbank to enjoy everything that it has to offer. Stay at Bridgewater Terraces instead where you can get great value for the money and be close to the Southbank without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Convinced that booking an apartment at Bridgewater Terraces is a great idea? Then, simply click here to book online. Hurry as we tend to fill up really fast particularly during high season. Call us up at +61 7 3435 5216 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. For enquiries, please send your questions here.

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