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Tourism in Australia has increased since the beginning of 2014, and people from all over the world are coming to this country for a variety of reasons.

According to a report published by Tourism Australian for the year ending 2014, not only did the visitor statistics increase, but so too did the number of nights they stayed along with the expenditure of each tourist. As an accommodation operation, this is certainly music to my ears (breakdown below)

  • Visitors – 6.4 million, which represents an increase of eight percent as compared to the previous year.
  • Nights – 223 million, which represents an increase of three percent in comparison to the previous year
  • Expenditure – $31.1 billion, which represents an increase of seven percent from the previous year.

However, regardless of this fantastic news, every visitor needs to book accommodation for the duration of his or her stay and knowing what to book, and how to stretch your holiday budget, is where most tourist fail.

In this article, I will show you what the advantages are of choosing cheaper accommodation in Brisbane in order to get more out of your Australian holiday.

cheap accommodation Brisbane 

Having worked in the accommodation industry in Brisbane for many years now, I can tell you that there is a significant difference in price and value for money, between booking a hotel and an apartment. Therefore, I recommend to most that they opt for cheap accommodation in Brisbane in order to enjoy all the benefits of their travel.

Given the positive signs that are clearly visible for Australian Tourism, it can still be quite expensive to take an overseas holiday to Australia. Therefore, it’s important to save money wherever possible and one of the easiest ways to do so when holidaying anywhere in the world is to look for cheaper accommodation options.

For those visiting Brisbane, I ensure them that they can find cheap accommodation right here, at Bridgewater Terraces. As you can probably imagine, by booking more affordable accommodation, you can use the remaining money you would normally spend on accommodation on other things, such as food, tours or visiting certain attractions in the area.

As I mentioned, you can easily find cheap accommodation in Brisbane. For example, while in Brisbane CBD, you would typically pay up to $300 per night for a hotel. However, you can reduce that amount to about $155 per night if you choose to book apartment accommodation with us at Bridgewater Terraces. By opting for cheaper accommodation options, such as staying in an apartment as opposed to a hotel, you can easily save money so you can enjoy other things on your holiday. Just imagine how much money you will save when you pay only $155 per night, instead of $300 per night over a week, or even 2-week stay. You could use the difference on anything you like, ranging from having dinner in town to visiting the most-desired attractions or going on tours that you wouldn’t have been able to afford if you needed to pay more on your accommodation.

Therefore, you can see the advantages in booking less expensive accommodation in an apartment, rather than booking accommodation at an expensive hotel in Brisbane’s CBD.

One of the other great advantages of booking accommodation here at Bridgewater Terraces, besides our cheap rates, is that your comfort and safety is a priority; our friendly staff are onsite to help you with anything you need and to make you feel right at home. At Bridgewater Terraces, we also provide a range of facilities to enjoy during your holiday and in addition to the facilities, you can relax in the amazing environment that surrounds you during your stay. All this can be yours to enjoy at cheaper accommodation rates than you’d get elsewhere, why not book your stay today?


According to statistics, Australian Tourism has increased in 2014 when compared to the previous year. Even so, an Australian holiday can be expensive for those who wish to stay at a hotel. So if you are looking cheap accommodation when in Brisbane, know it can be easily obtained by booking apartment accommodation, such as that we have on offer here at Bridgewater Terraces.

Explore and experience more of the things that Australia has to offer simply by saving money that you would otherwise pay for your nights at an expensive hotel.

To secure cheap accommodation, simply get in touch.

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