Most common items left behind in Brisbane Hotels

A Brisbane holiday is indeed the best way to beat the stress and enjoy a fun time with friends and family. However not surprising, guests often leave behind items behind in Brisbane hotels. This is a very familiar story not only here in Brisbane, but indeed, around the world.

As an accommodation provider myself, I’ve seen my fair share of weird and wacky things left behind in our apartments here at Bridgewater Terraces. If you’re wondering what the most common items left behind are, then continue reading this article as I outline those stated from PRNewswire. Make sure that you don’t leave anything behind on your holiday.

1. Clothing

Many travellers choose to hang their clothes in the closet of their hotel room. While this helps keep your clothing creased free, you must remember the old saying – “out of sight, out of mind”. With clothing, they are often forgotten and left behind in Brisbane hotels. In fact, the PRNewswire survey reveals that 42% of all travellers forget to pack away some clothing items when leaving a hotel. I’ve experienced this just too often at Bridgewater Terraces. Always ensure that you take five minutes to run a visual scan of all closets, drawers, dressers and the toilet before checking out.

2. Toiletries

Toiletries are another common item to be left behind by guests staying in Brisbane hotels. I’ve personally seen so many guests leave behind toothbrushes, toothpastes, hair cleansers and straighteners in our apartments. Make sure to double check the ensuite and bathrooms before you check out. While you may have packed away most of the items that lie in your sight, the bathroom is usually neglected. The PRNewswire survey indicates that 42% of people forget behind their toiletries during their travel.

3. Electronics and chargers

With long periods of waiting, long distance trips and flight delays being common across any holiday, electronic gadgets are definitely a traveller’s lifeline – they’re certainly mine! While gadgets such as tablets, smartphones and laptops keep us from being bored during travel, they are all too often left behind on check out – I can only imagine the stash of good the larger Brisbane hotels have. PRNewswire survey has revealed that 40% of travellers forget their chargers, tablets or smartphones when leaving a hotel. Make sure that you check and double check for all your gadgets and chargers when checking out to ensure your favour positions to end up left behind.

4. Jewellery and watches

Watches and jewellery are other items commonly left behind at Brisbane hotels.  Indeed, I find that guests tend to make a lot of purchases on their Brisbane holiday and in doing so, items that they already have on hand become neglected. Fashion accessories are items which are not very essential and in the rush of a holiday, they are often forgotten behind at hotels. The PRNewswire survey reports that 15% of all travellers forget to pack away their watches or jewellery when leaving a hotel. Make sure that you’re not one of them. Always run a thorough check removing pillows, bed sheets and blankets where these small items may get tucked away unnoticed.

5. Undergarments

Along with clothing being left behind in closets, a large number of travellers leave behind their undergarments in the bathrooms of Brisbane hotels. Undergarments are usually kept in bathrooms along with wet towels and many travellers simply do not remember that they have left something behind. As per the PRNewswire survey, 13% of travellers leave their underwear behind at hotels. Before you check out of our Brisbane hotel, make sure that you take a good look in the bathrooms to make sure you haven’t left any underwear behind.

6. Hair styling tools

Obviously, this item is mostly left behind by women. Many guests, especially those who are passionate about looking their best even on holiday, carry hair styling tools with them to Brisbane hotels. While this is absolutely fine, the problem is that many leave their straighteners, hair brushes and dryers behind on their way out. I’ve experienced this first hand at our apartments and even the PRNewswire survey states that 13% of travellers they surveyed have also failed to pack their hair styling tools. Once again, by running a thorough check in the bathrooms and toilets, you can avoid this costly mistake.

The Bottom Line:

When you check out from Brisbane hotels after your holiday, make sure that you double check your belongings so that you don’t leave anything behind. As per the PRNewswire survey, the most common items to be left behind by travellers at hotels include clothing, toiletries, electronic gadgets and chargers, jewellery and watches, undergarments and hair styling tools. Run a thorough check in your hotel room or apartment and also check the bathrooms and toilets as well. Small items can easily get tucked away in small spaces so make sure to check properly.

If you are looking to book Brisbane hotels for your upcoming holiday, I suggest you consider our apartments at Bridgewater Terraces. While not exactly a hotel, our affordable apartments will offer you a unique holiday experience – far better than what most hotels will offer. To make a booking, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to reserve an apartment for you.

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Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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