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Brisbane’s busy CBD (Source: Tourism Australia)

Based on recent figures released by Travel Queensland, Brisbane receives millions of travellers year after year after year. Aside from those who travel here for holiday or for relaxation, we also welcome business travellers who are attending seminars, working in the CBD for a short period of time, or are here to attend a convention. If you’re one of them, know that apartments in Brisbane are one of the most recommended accommodations for you while you’re in town are.

Brisbane, which is a major entry and exit point for those people travelling to Queensland, is home to Brisbane Central Business District (CBD). Brisbane CBD has been the country’s fastest growing market for the past 10 years. The growth for the past decade is attributed to investment boom in different industries including construction, engineering, and mining-related business. It is no wonder why every year, Brisbane receives business travellers who are promoting their business, selling their products, tying up with other corporations, etc.

The best corporate apartments in Brisbane

If you’re heading to Brisbane for business purposes, one of the things that you need to settle before you arrive is your accommodation. As Brisbane is a major tourist destination, it is home to several types of accommodation. Here, you can find countless hotels, holiday homes, and corporate serviced apartments. When deciding which one to choose, there are certain things that you need to consider.

As you’ll be in Brisbane for business purposes, chances are you’ll need to be close to the CBD as this is where all the major conventions and seminars are held. Although you can book a hotel in Brisbane’s CBD, these can be extremely expensive due to their location. To give you an idea, you are looking at spending $250-$350 per night for a medium-sized hotel room at the heart of the city. Unless this meets the corporate budget, business travellers generally have to find a more affordable accommodation option, one that is also close to the CBD.

One of your best choices to look for apartments in Brisbane at Kangaroo Point, which is just 7 minutes away from the city via a ferry. In addition to being a great location, apartments here are extremely affordable when compared to apartments in Brisbane CBD. For example, the one-bedroom apartment we offer here at Bridgewater Terraces starts at just $140 per night. It’s spacious and it features well-appointed interiors that are perfect for corporate travel. Our apartments are also self-contained so you won’t have to worry about noises that can distract you while you’re working.

Bridgewater Terraces

Bridgewater Terraces, just 1km from the CBD

What Bridgewater Terraces can offer you

Here at Bridgewater Terraces, we understand the needs of corporate travellers well. We understand that after a long day, you want to come back to a relaxing, tranquil place. That’s exactly what our apartments are. Surrounded by lush green gardens and boasting relaxing river views, this is the best place to stay to clear your head and spend quiet nights.

For business travellers who are spending more than a couple of weeks here, you’ll be happy to know that all our apartments come with fully equipped kitchen and full laundry services. So if you ever miss home-cooked meals, you can just go ahead and cook. However, if you don’t feel like it (probably you’re too tired to do this anyway), dine at the iconic Eagle Pier, which is a premiere dining district that offers great food and spectacular scenery. This is very close to our apartments as well as other major tourist attractions including Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Queen Mall.

We also offer business travellers with WiFi access, direct dial phone, and fax machine to make your stay as convenient as possible. If you’re staying more than a week, we’ll also throw in free cleaning service.


When visiting Brisbane for business, consider booking your Brisbane apartment at Kangaroo Point. It’s a great location for business travellers as you can get spacious at affordable rates.

Bridgewater Terraces offer some of the best corporate apartments in Brisbane. Committed to ensure that you’ll have a comfortable stay, we offer enormous space, amazing amenities, and great facilities without charging you an arm and leg for it. Best of all, we are very close to Brisbane CBD so you won’t have to worry about stressful commute each time you need to travel to and from there.

To get more information about Bridgewater Terraces and our apartments, please head over to our homepage. We strive to provide you with information that you need to know to make well-informed decision. However, if you have questions or find yourself in need of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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