A Fail-Safe Guide for Booking Cheap Accommodation

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Brisbane may be an excellent destination for a holiday, but let’s face it – our city is certainly not cheap. However, there are plenty of things you can do to cut down on holiday expenses and make your holiday budget friendly. The best way to do so is by finding cheap accommodation in Brisbane.

There are heaps of budget-friendly accommodation options in Brisbane; you just know to know how to find them.

So how do you find them? Today, I will offer you a failsafe guide to booking cheap accommodation in Brisbane. This guide contains several tips and pointers from the experts at choice.com.au, so make sure to read through until the end!

Booking accommodation online

You’ll find a plethora of cheap accommodation options in Brisbane across hotel booking sites such as Booking.com, Trivago and TripAdvisor among many others. You can use these sites to compare prices and the different facilities and amenities that a hotel offers. In fact, the Choice.com.au Mystery Study of 2013 stated that travellers can save hundreds on accommodation simply by comparing prices for the best deal.

Comparing prices across these third-party websites can land you a great bargain on your accommodation. Remember that every hotel booking site follows a unique algorithm for pricing. So, you’ll need to compare prices across several websites before you can be sure that you’re getting the best bargain.

Also, when you are booking accommodation online, you must always go through user reviews first. All hotel booking sites contain a review section where you can find out how people found the accommodation to be. This will give you a good idea of what to expect and what not to expect from a particular hotel.  After all, you want a great hotel at a good price, not ‘get what you pay for’ accommodation.

Another thing you should consider when booking accommodation online is to check policies for refunds and cancellations. Policies differ from one hotel to another, so don’t assume that you will be eligible for a cancellation or refund.

Booking accommodation direct

Booking accommodation direct may be the traditional way of doing things, but it is still certainly very effective. Most people don’t consider booking accommodation direct because the price listed is usually the same as that on a third-party website.

However, here’s something that you probably don’t know. If you compare online prices first, then call the hotel/apartment direct and ask for the better deal, the chances are that you might just get one. Remember that hotels and apartments have to pay a commission to third-party booking sites for every booking. Many are also bound to list the same price on their website as advertised on the booking sites. But when it comes to offline or direct bookings, you save the hotel from paying these commissions. Just let them know that you are looking to make a booking on the third-party hotel booking site, and they may very well offer you a discount on offline rates.

Cheap accommodation in Brisbane

The points I have listed above will certainly help you find cheap accommodation whether you’re booking online or offline. But, you can save yourself all the hassle and simply make a booking with us at Bridgewater Terraces.

Our self-contained holiday apartments just bordering Brisbane CBD are available at very affordable prices. You can book an apartment with us for as little as $140 per night, which is far cheaper than most other accommodation in the area. We’re also amongst the top-rated accommodation options in Brisbane across every hotel booking site.

With us around, you needn’t look elsewhere for cheap accommodation in Brisbane!


There are plenty of accommodation options in Brisbane. However, if you’re looking for the best bargain on cheap accommodation in Brisbane, you should consider a few things. Make sure to compare prices across different booking sites for the best deal. Also, make sure to consider hotel reviews and policies regarding refunds and cancellations on these booking sites. After comparing online prices, you can also call a hotel directly and ask for a better deal. Offline rates are usually not advertised by accommodation providers, but they may be cheaper than online rates so you may end up with a better deal.

Alternatively, you can skip all the trouble and simply book your accommodation with us here at Bridgewater Terraces.

So, take a look at our self-contained apartments and make a booking with us today!

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