Enjoy a Relaxed Holiday in a Brisbane Riverview Hotel

Are you looking for a little mid-year holiday? Something to reward yourself for 6 months of hard work? Well, there is no time like the present. Reward yourself whilst celebrating Brisbane’s 190th birthday relaxing riverside in a Brisbane riverview hotel.

Brisbane Riverview from Kangaroo Point

As the manager of Bridgewater Terraces, a Brisbane riverview hotel, I can assure you this is the perfect destination for you to relax, unwind and get prepared for the next 6 months. There is nothing better than a perfect holiday, especially when you get the chance to rejuvenate & recharge your batteries, which you’ll certainly do here at Bridgewater Terraces. When your holiday is over, you will be fully rested and ready for all the excitement and new adventures which are coming your way.

If you are looking for an excuse, or further temptation to make the decision to book your Brisbane holiday, continue reading because I will give you a glimpse of what is awaiting.

Bridgewater Terraces apartments are located a couple minutes away from Brisbane CBD, and right on the beautiful Brisbane River. We offer 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, all fully furnished, with a modern interior which ensures ultimate comfort during your stay. Laundry facilities and a kitchen are included as well. The apartments are ideal if you are coming alone, with your family, or if you are looking for a place for a romantic gateway. Our apartments each have either a balcony or courtyard, and are all surrounded by gum trees, hibiscus, palms, bougainvillea, jacaranda trees, and tropical plants, which makes the environment tranquil. Our riverside location provides a cool breeze to amplify your enjoyment.

While you’ll certainly want to explore the city, its landmarks and its beauties, when you come back to your apartment, you will actually come back to an oasis, where you can properly rest. To spend the perfect evening, you can sit in the balcony or in the courtyard and enjoy the splendid river views.

While on holidays, you finally get time for yourself, and at Bridgewater Terraces you will have ample time to do just that. Our Brisbane riverview hotel includes outdoor facilities created to provide the highest possible level of relaxation. There is a lagoon swimming pool, as well as a heated spa and sauna. With these amazing options, what else could you possibly ask for?

Bridgewater Terraces - Brisbane Riverview Hotel

Bridgewater Terraces on the river at Kangaroo Point

The relaxation doesn’t stop with your riverview accommodation. Brisbane has lots of relaxing activities. There are many parks and gardens all around town, which is why going for a picnic is always a wonderful idea. Pack a blanket, and fill the basket with some crackers, cheese, sandwiches and refreshments. Spending an afternoon in the fresh air is a perfect recipe for relaxation and stress relief. You can also go on a river cruise, because nothing calms the mind better than water. Sit back and enjoy the view. When was the last time you had a massage, or spent an hour or two in the spa? With your busy day-to-day life, it can be hard to find time to actually relax. Treat yourself while on holidays, it will be worth it. As I mentioned, Brisbane has many parks and gardens, so you can read a book in the open space. Spending a few hours in the fresh air can do miracles. You know what else you can do? Nothing. After all, you are on holidays, and you should use every single second of it the way you want. If you just want to sit and watch the surroundings, do it. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what you need and where else to do it but in Brisbane.


There is nothing better than a relaxed holiday. If you really want to reward yourself and take some quality time off, book your holiday accommodation at a Brisbane riverview hotel. Bridgewater Terraces is an oasis where you can completely rejuvenate and prepare for new adventures. Even though our apartments provide various ways in which you can relax, you can still spend some time around the city, doing exactly the same. Go for a river cruise, a picnic, visit a spa and get a massage, read a book, or you can spend your time by simply doing nothing but sitting on your balcony watching the beautiful Brisbane River.

For the relaxed holiday you certainly deserve, book riverview accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces; all you need to do is give us a call on 07 3435 5216 or book online!

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