Southbank Brisbane Accommodation Options

South Bank, Brisbane is the place for people who are carefree. And for every kind of traveller, there is a pool of eclectic Southbank Brisbane accommodation options. This article is for you, dear tourist. If you believe that this place is where you should spend your next much awaited break, then consider the Southbank Brisbane accommodation that is right for you.

To rest and to reflect

If you need a vacation to reconnect with your inner self or deeply ponder on something, then you have to be in a tranquil and relaxing place. You need something different: a better climate, prettier scenery, slower pace of life, cleaner air, quieter surroundings and a place where you can relieve stress. The idea is when you’re far from home or from work, you leave the noise behind for a moment. Once you are rested, you can achieve your ultimate purpose for your vacation. It could be to make a sound decision or a very logical plan. Choosing to stay in Southbank Brisbane accommodation is a good choice to achieve this goal.

It is suggested that you minimize extremely active sports while on vacation. Clearing the cobwebs in your brain is highly relative to your physical energy. Try walking along the South Bank’s running route. It’s a perfect way to release stress. Include in your itinerary biking beside the Brisbane River, walking in the rainforests, swimming in the man-made beach,  joining yoga short classes and watching an opera in the sunset in a park. Being known as the city’s ‘playground’, the South Bank can help you be refreshed in a whole new way.

Accommodation options include luxury hotels and the much cheaper serviced apartments. These are the quietest choices for soul searching. These hotels are close to the River Quay, South Bank’s newest dining precinct where contemporary dining meets cutting-edge architecture and stunning city views.

To Experience an Adventure

If you are planning a vacation to take challenging adventures, then go for the aquatic activities that South Bank offers. Travelling a little farther is also a good option. Through the connecting waterways and well-managed bridges, you can explore different outdoor activities with your family and friends.

Your children can join and learn about nature preservation while playing treasure hunt in a rainforest park. Visit the World Heritage Listed Spring Brook where you get to discover the spectacular Natural Arch, a waterfall and cave in one. You can also feed the dolphins with them and board an air balloon to see a bird’s eye view of the city.

You can book cheaper hostels and backpacker places and camps for cheaper prices. The only downside is that they’re not as comfortable as hotels. Therefore, the most flexible Southbank Brisbane accommodation option is the serviced apartment.

Bridgewater Terraces should be number one on your list. The comfy serviced apartments are in an oasis-like complex. Choose a room overlooking Brisbane River for a more relaxing rest. It’s located in Kangaroo Point, a place where you can do rock climbing and rappelling. It’s just a 7-minute ferry ride to the South Bank. Check their website for more information, https://www.bridgewaterterraces.com.au.


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