The demand for hotels in Brisbane in on the decline, book now and save!

The demand for hotels in Brisbane in on the decline, book now and save!

Have you been hanging out for a Brisbane holiday but haven’t been able to due to the high cost of hotels in Brisbane? Well, now’s the perfect time to start planning. Based on figures, the demand for hotels in Brisbane has declined driving accommodation providers just like me to make our rates more attractive to travellers like you. This means, you’ll be able to save hundreds and possibly thousands (depends on how long you want to stay here) during your Brisbane holiday. Great news right?

book hotels in Brisbane

Time to start booking hotels in Brisbane!

Based on the figures released by Travel and Events Queensland, the tourism industry in Brisbane has slowed down in the year ending March 2014. During this time, the number of visitors, domestic and international combined, dropped -1.2% to 5,999,000. This explains why the demand for hotels in Brisbane has declined. Room nights occupancy dropped by -1.1% to 1,213,789 while room occupancy dropped -2.6%. Meanwhile, accommodation providers made just over $256 million which was -0.11% less compared to the data gathered a year ago. While the demand for hotels in Brisbane is down, the same cannot be said for the supply. The number of hotels in Brisbane and other accommodation actually increased +3.0% to 34 offering visitors with 1,596,089 available nights for the entire year.

With basic understanding of the law of supply and demand, you can easily see that low demand and high supply is another reason why hotels in Brisbane are offering cheaper rates for customer. That is why; there is no better time to book your Brisbane hotel.

Brisbane Accommodation: Your Choices

If this is your first time visiting Brisbane, you must understand that you have several choices when it comes finding the best accommodation to suite your needs. There are of course, serviced apartments, motels, holiday homes and hotels in Brisbane. You can find accommodation in different districts but the most popular to tourists are Brisbane CBD, South Bank, and Kangaroo Point.

Now, let say that you’re staying for just a couple of days and you want make the most of your time in Brisbane. You have the option to stay at Brisbane CBD where most iconic landmarks are just walking distance. The CBD is also ideal if you’re looking to let your hair down and party hard at a nightclub. It terms of accommodation, you’ll find the most luxurious hotels in Brisbane CBD, but they also come at with a high price tag, even when the rates are reduced! Considering the quality and the location, hotels in Brisbane CBD are typically some of the most expensive forms of accommodation you can stay in.

South Bank in Brisbane is also a popular choice for different types of travellers. Being Brisbane’s premier cultural and lifestyle destination, staying at South Bank means you’ll never run out of things to see and do. Ride the Wheel of Brisbane, take a dip in Streets Beach, and visit the Nepalese Pagoda. Staying here means also being close to chic and stylish dining and shopping districts. Considering the location and its close proximity to all the action, South Bank accommodation can also get expensive. For example, a one-bedroom hotel room located at the heart of South Bank cost an average of $350 per night.

Brisbane Southbank

Streets Beach at South Bank

As accommodation in South Bank and CBD are the most popular hotels in Brisbane, their prices do not typically drop significantly even when the demands for accommodation drops. This is because they are the ones that are first booked by most travellers especially those who do not know that they have more cost-effective options.

If spending $350 per night for a hotel in Brisbane just doesn’t fit your budget, look for accommodation outside the CBD and South Bank. Just make sure that it’s not too far away or in the middle of nowhere. One of your best options is Bridgewater Terraces, located in Kangaroo Point, which is just one kilometer from the CBD. Our rates are significantly lower; starting at just $140 per night, yet the quality is just as impressive. Our serviced apartments are spacious and offer great facilities including full laundry facilities and a fully equipped kitchen so if you want to stay for more than a couple of days or even weeks, you won’t have to worry about huge restaurant bills.


As the number of visitors in Brisbane has declined, the number of hotels in Brisbane has increased. Accommodation providers have noticed a drop in bookings which has led many to offering more attractive prices so there is no better time to start planning your Brisbane holiday.

For the most affordable rates, consider Bridgewater Terraces when looking for hotels in Brisbane. We offer cheap Brisbane accommodation all-year round. It doesn’t matter if the demand is high or the supply is low, we still charge the same rate. To get more information, please head over to our homepage. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our apartments, our location, and of course our prices. Book any of our apartments now by calling +61 7 3435 5216 or you may book online.

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