Accommodation for Brisbane Festival 2016

Brisbane is one city which plays host to several festivals and events throughout the year. However, none of the events or festivals is as grand as the Brisbane Festival 2016. Scheduled to be held this September, Brisbane Festival promises to offer a lot, thanks to great attractions to look forward to.

If you’re planning a Brisbane holiday with your family, make sure to visit in September to witness this annual even. This festival will make your holiday much more charming and will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Blanc at Brisbane Festival 2016

Blanc at Brisbane Festival 2016

If you are heading to the city with you family for the event, then you’ll want to look for 2 bedroom accommodation in Brisbane. As a local accommodation provider, I obviously want you to stay with us. Yes, you may think that I am biased, but once you take a look at our offerings, I’m sure you won’t want to stay elsewhere. But first, let’s look at what the Brisbane Festival 2016 has to offer and why you should be a part of this wonderful event.

Brisbane Festival 2016

The Brisbane Festival is one of the finest international arts festivals to take place in Australia. This annual festival takes place in the month of September and features music, theatre, dance, opera, circus and many other attractions. If you’re planning a Brisbane holiday with your family, make sure to visit in September to attend the festival. It has several family friendly attractions for you to look forward to.

This year’s Brisbane Festival is set to be bigger and better than the previous years. Held from September 3-24, it is set to feature some of the best local and international artists. You and your family can expect nothing but world class performances and shows at this festival.

Apart from all the performances, you can also witness the grand Sunsuper Riverfire, which is a major attraction in itself. This is one September even not to be missed!

sunsuper riverfire

Accommodation for the festival

If you’re seeking family accommodation for the Brisbane Festival, then Bridgewater Terraces is your best bet. Our 2 bedroom accommodation in Brisbane is ideal for families like yours. Furthermore, we offer the perfect location for your family to attend this festival; just 1km from South Bank, where most of festivities take place. Moreover, given that we’re located on the banks of the Brisbane River, you’re in a prime location to witness Sunsuper Riverfire.

Benefits offered by our 2 bedroom accommodation

While our 2 bedroom accommodation is perfect for witnessing the Brisbane Festival, there are many benefits of staying with us.

2 bedroom accommodation

2 bedroom accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces

As mentioned, we’re located just next to the Brisbane River and our apartments therefore we offer a serene and tranquil atmosphere that is sure to relieve you of any stress. You can sit back, relax and enjoy relaxing views of the river from our 2 bedroom accommodation in Brisbane.

Our apartments offer you everything that you can possibly wish for from holiday accommodation. You’ll even have access to a gymnasium, spa, sauna, swimming pools and much more in our resort. This will certainly provide all the activities required for some great family bonding.

However perhaps the best thing about booking 2 bedroom accommodation in Brisbane with us is that we are incredibly affordable. By staying with Bridgewater Terraces, you can enjoy the best that Brisbane offers, without burning a hole in your pocket. There is simply no need to look for accommodation elsewhere in the city – we’ve got you completely covered.


The Brisbane Festival 2016 is one event which simply cannot be missed. This festival will feature world class music, dance, theatre, live entertainment, circus, opera and much more. If you’re planning a Brisbane family holiday in September, you must make arrangements to attend this event.

When it comes to finding the best accommodation for Brisbane Festival 2016, you cannot go wrong by choosing Bridgewater Terraces. Our luxurious 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane are located close to South Bank, where this festival will take place. Our apartments are spacious, upscale and offer you everything that you need from your holiday accommodation.

By staying with us, you can create lifelong memories and bond with your family. Our tranquil and peaceful apartments will relieve you of stress and increase your productivity and creativity. Also, our apartments are surprisingly affordable, so you can completely enjoy the Brisbane Festival without having to worry about costs.

Make a booking with us by getting in touch with our reservations staff. By staying with us, you will certainly make the most of your Brisbane holiday!

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