Get ready for Brisbane Festive 2015!

Brisbane is definitely one of the best tourist destinations in Australia and there are certainly many reasons why it attracts so many tourists every year. However, in addition to all of its attractions, Brisbane is also host to some fantastic annual events and this year is no exception with the Brisbane Festival shortly approaching!

From all that I know about this Festival, I can assure you that Brisbane Festival 2015 will be just as big, if not even bigger than the years past, so get ready because it really is just around the corner.

In this article, I will give you insight about the Brisbane Festival 2015, this way you’ll know what to expect, and if you want to attend. In addition, I will also offer some suggestions for accommodation in Brisbane while you are in town for the Festival.

Brisbane Festive

Brisbane Festive 2015

One of the greatest events that attract visitors to Brisbane is the Brisbane Festival 2015. Over one million people gather in Brisbane every year to admire this magic festival, which aims to bring joy into the souls of everyone. The Festival, started in 2009, is now an annual event that brings artists and audiences together, in a festive environment.

This year’s event, which takes place around Brisbane between the 5th and 26th of September 2015, represents an annual arts festival, with various programs that include over 100 artists. The organisers of this year’s event have prepared an interesting program, which contains music, dance, opera, theatre, comedy and circus.

Sunsuper Riverfire

One of the most important highlights of the Brisbane Festival 2015 is the Sunsuper Riverfire. This event is held on 26th September and concludes the Festival. As you can imagine, there is no better way to mark the finale of such a great event, than creating a wonderful canvas on the night’s sky. During Sunsuper Riverfire, the sky ignites with a pyrotechnic gala, accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack consisting of the most famous songs of the year, as well as of some of the appreciated classics.

Sunsuper Riverfire is one of the most challenging and captivating fireworks in Australia. The fireworks are fired from various places of the city, such as bridges, barges and rooftops, so that people can enjoy a truly splendid show from any side of the city. In addition to the fireworks, the spectators are also welcome to enjoy the show offered by the Australian Defence Force.

Brisbane Festival Accommodation

If you plan to visit Brisbane Festival 2015, then I know the perfect place where you can get affordable accommodation in an absolution ideal location – Bridgewater Terraces. In addition to our comfortable 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, you will also get the chance to admire the spectacular views offered by Sunsuper Riverfire. Bridgewater Terraces is the best place for Brisbane Festival, as it is situated on the banks of the Brisbane River, at Kangaroo Point.

Brisbane Festival Accommodation


For most of September, the Brisbane Festival 2015 will entertain audiences from all over the world, as more than 100 artists enchant them with their amazing performances.

At the end of the festival, after also the shows and performances, it is time for the most anticipated part of the festival – the Sunsuper Riverfire (which is an absolute must if you have not yet seen it for yourself).

Therefore, if you decide attend any of the programs or events of this year’s Brisbane Festival, then make the most of it and choose to stay in Brisbane for the evening, or even weekend. At Bridgewater Terraces, we offer Brisbane Festival accommodation, which could not be more perfect.

Being located at Kangaroo Point on the banks of Brisbane River, the our accommodation offers you the opportunity to enjoy the most captivating moment of the event – the Sunsuper Riverfire.

Don’t miss your chance to book affordable accommodation at a fantastic location at one of the busiest times of year. At Bridgwater Terraces, we look after you!

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