Things to do in and around Brisbane CBD

If you are planning an upcoming holiday to Brisbane CBD, you certainly have a lot to look forward to. Brisbane is one city which is full of things to see and do and there are so many things to explore – you will definitely find yourself wanting for more when you visit the various cultural attractions, parks and outdoor recreation centres and entertainment precincts in the CBD.

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

As a local working in the Brisbane tourism industry, I would like to recommend a few things to do around Brisbane CBD to ensure you get the most out of your holiday. Of course in doing so, I’ll also suggest why you should consider booking your Brisbane CBD accommodation here at Bridgewater Terraces, which lie just 1km from the city.

Continue reading this article as I outline some of the attractions you can look forward to in Brisbane CBD.

Enjoy cultural attractions

Brisbane CBD offers a range of cultural attractions for you to explore. Some of the major attractions in the area include the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, which is a sprawling museum covering 25,000 square metres and showcases artwork from Queensland and other parts of the world; the Queensland Museum, which is home to various natural and human historical artefacts; the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, which consists of several auditoriums and theatres and showcases various operas and family shows annually; and the Museum of Brisbane, which is the official museum of the city and features a variety of visual arts, social history, design and craft through changing exhibition programs.

All these cultural attractions are located in the heart of the city just 1km from Bridgewater Terraces. To save money on Brisbane CBD accommodation, choose to stay with us and you’ll be able to explore these attractions with ease.

Explore parks & outdoor attractions

By booking Brisbane CBD accommodation, you will also be able to explore a large number of parks and outdoor attractions in the area. Some notable attractions include the South Bank Parklands, Roma Street Parkland, the City Botanic Gardens and the Brisbane Forest Park. These attractions feature mature gardens, natural reserves, subtropical gardens and swimming lagoons for you to enjoy. If you’re holidaying with kids, South Bank Parklands is a must!

Enjoy entertainment precincts

The South Bank Parklands, Portside Wharf and Fortitude Valley are the major entertainment precincts of Brisbane CBD. South Bank Parklands boasts of various entertainment options and is full of restaurants, cafes, lagoons, playgrounds and manmade beaches. Portside Wharf is a residential and retail precinct and is full of shops, cafes, restaurants and cinemas and is by far my favour of the lot. Fortitude Valley is known to be the nightlife district of Brisbane and there are a large number of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops in the area.

When in Brisbane, you definitely want to explore and enjoy these entertainment precincts, each offers something a little bit different, so if time permits, do try and get to all three! Thankfully, by booking Brisbane CBD accommodation, all these entertainment precincts will be just a short cab fare away. Bridgewater Terraces is a 15 minute drive from South Bank and a 20 minute drive from Portside Wharf and Fortitude Valley.

These are only some of the many things to do and see around Brisbane CBD. While the city has a lot more to offer, most of the major landmarks and attractions lie in the vicinity of the CBD, so you should definitely choose Brisbane CBD accommodation for your holiday. Bridgewater Terraces serviced apartments lie just 1 km away from Brisbane CBD, so we are ideally located for you to enjoy everything that the CBD has to offer.


Brisbane CBD has a lot to offer to tourists, with a variety of cultural attractions, parks, outdoor recreational centres and entertainment precincts. Given all that the city has to offer, you should choose to book Brisbane CBD accommodation, so that you lie close to all of these attractions of the city.

Bridgewater Terraces offers serviced holiday apartments located just outside Brisbane’s CBD. If you want cheap accommodation that is close to Brisbane CBD and it’s the major attractions, then choose to stay with is. Phone us at +61 7 3435 5216 or booking online at Bridgewater Terraces today!

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