7 things you probably didn’t know about Brisbane

If you’re heading to Brisbane for a short holiday, you’re certainly in for a good time – what with many attractions to look forward to. No doubt you’re excited and you’ve already begun looking up Brisbane attractions on Google or travel guide websites.

However, there are many finer details about the city which you will not come across easily. Brisbane is a city which has a lot of historical and cultural significance. But most travel guides simply regurgitate the same list of places to visit or things to do.

This article is different. As a Brisbane local, I will list out 7 of the lesser known facts about Brisbane that you probably won’t come across on other sites. With a little luck, you’ll have a greater appreciation for our city after reading this article.

1. The city enjoys 283 days of sunshine in a year

283 days of sunshine

You may be aware that Brisbane offers a plethora of outdoor activities to be enjoyed. But did you know that this is because of the wonderful climate the city experiences? Brisbane enjoys 283 days of sunshine in a year and winter days rarely dip below 20°C. When holidaying in the city, make sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy the many Brisbane attractions.

2. Fortitude Valley’s Chinatown was featured in a Jackie Chan movie

Chinatown Mall

Chinatown Mall, Brisbane. Photo by Kgbo

If there’s one destination that I recommend guests visit, it’s Fortitude Valley; the entertainment hub of Brisbane. Fortitude Valley is also well known internationally. Of many Brisbane attractions, Fortitude Valley has been featured in overseas movies as well. As a matter of fact, the Chinatown Mall in Fortitude Valley was featured in Jackie Chan’s renowned movie, “Jackie Chan’s First Strike”. Don’t miss out on the Valley when holidaying in Brisbane.

3. Queen Street Mall was a barrack for convicts

Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD

The Queen Street Mall is another very popular destination for tourists and locals alike. But did you know it was earlier a barrack for convicts? Till date, the street features many structures such as a flogging triangle and an archway which have lasted since the days of the convicts. While you’re out enjoying other Brisbane attractions, be sure to pay a visit the Queen Street Mall, not just for its cultural and historical significance, but also because it is a wonderful shopping and entertainment precinct.

4. The Ekka is Brisbane’s largest event


EKKA, Photo by Cozzie1996

While the city certainly hosts a number of events and there are many Brisbane attractions to look forward to, the Ekka is the city’s largest event by far. Drawing in visitors in excess of 400,000 every year, the Ekka showcases new and upcoming products and also hosts cultural events. If you happen to visit Brisbane this August, make sure to book your Brisbane accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces and you’ll be just 3.5km from the Ekka.

5. The Story Bridge is a twin bridge of the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Canada

Brisbane; City Skyline;

The Story Bridge, which is located just 200m away from Bridgwater Terraces, is another popular tourist attraction which our guests especially love. Not only can you enjoy a bridge climb, but you can also enjoy a fine wine and dine experience at the Story Bridge Hotel. However, this iconic bridge is actually modelled after the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal, Canada. A fine experience lies in wait for you if you include this bridge in your Brisbane attractions itinerary.

6. The Spring Hill Reservoir is an underground opera

Spring Hill Reservoirs

Spring Hill Reservoirs, Brisbane. Photo By Kgbo

The Spring Hill Reservoir, which was built in the late 1800s, also happens to be another popular attraction. However, because of its fantastic acoustics, it has now been converted into an underground opera. With stunning facilities and a historic and industrial feel, this is one place that you mustn’t miss out on. Read more about this transformation in this article.

7. Brisbane City Hall is Australia’s largest city hall

Brisbane City Hall

City Hall, Brisbane

At 92m high, Brisbane City Hall presents a wonderful observation platform at 76m. The City Hall is the largest in Australia and offers a wonderful way to experience the beauty of Brisbane. Do include the City Hall in your list of Brisbane attractions to visit.

The Bottom Line:

While Brisbane certainly plays host to a number of tourists and holidaymakers from all over the world, few are aware of some finer details about the city. Many visitors to this city don’t know that Brisbane receives over 283 days of sunshine in a year and has an excellent winter climate as well. Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley has been a part of international movies and is a major entertainment hub of the city. The famous Queen Street Mall of Brisbane was initially a barrack for convicts. Brisbane’s largest festival is the Ekka, which many tourists miss out on. The iconic Story Bridge in Brisbane is actually modelled after the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Canada. Brisbane’s grand underground opera at the Spring Hill was actually a water reservoir back in the 1800s. Also, Brisbane City Hall is the largest city hall in Australia. I’m sure you probably didn’t know some of these interesting facts about the city and now you’re much more informed.

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