Why Book Accommodation at Kangaroo Point Brisbane?

Kangaroo Point Brisbane is one of the best locations in the city. Although lesser known compared to the CBD and the South Bank Parklands, Kangaroo Point is close to practically everything, thanks to its location along the Brisbane River’s eastern bend. Home to several outdoor recreations such as rock climbing and several attractions such as the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and the Story Bridge, the area may be considered as one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets.

However, most visitors to Brisbane automatically stay in the CBD, so if you’re an interstate or international guest I wouldn’t be surprised if you have not heard of Kangaroo Point Brisbane. But let me assure you that after reading this article, you will not only know all about it, but you’ll want to book your accommodation here too!

Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Kangaroo Point is quite the unique Brisbane suburb, because it is situated on a peninsula that is formed of volcanic rhyolite lava and rocks that are said to have been in place since the Triassic Period. The peninsula is located right in the middle of the Brisbane River, which flows all around it. This location not only makes the area quite picturesque, but also affords several recreational possibilities. So it’s no surprise that the area is increasing in popularity with Brisbane visitors.

Well, while I’d love to list all the benefits this one-of-a-kind suburb has to offer, I’ll stick to the best it has to offer and also tell you why, if you are looking for Kangaroo Point accommodation, then Bridgewater Terraces is the place to be.

Kangaroo Point Brisbane for Holidaymakers

Kangaroo Point is a haven for thrill-seekers and climbing aficionados, but thanks to its lush parklands, picnic sites and the relaxing view of the Brisbane River that surrounds the area, it has plenty to offer to all who visit Brisbane. Let’s take a look.

  • Kangaroo Point Cliffs – The famous volcanic rock cliffs of Kangaroo Point, present a popular challenge for rock climbing and abseiling, thanks to its steepness which was caused by quarrying operations in the past. Reaching the top also offers a nice reward, a magnificent view of Brisbane, best seen in the early evening. Find out more from my previous post: Get active or enjoy a picnic at Kangaroo Point Cliffs
  • Storey Bridge – You can also go on an exciting Story Bridge Adventure Climb, which will keep you occupied for 2 hours and a half. Now considered as an iconic landmark of Brisbane, the Story Bridge towers 74 metres over the city and promises sweeping views encompassing the CBD up to Moreton Bay and an awe-inspiring bird’s eye view of the Brisbane River. The climb itself is safe; a climbing suit will be provided, but you do need to wear sneakers or running shoes. Under the bridge is the Storey Bridge Hotel, another famous landmark which happens to be just 100meters from Bridgewater Terraces at Kangaroo Point Brisbane.
  • Other attractions – Whether or not you decide to climb the cliffs or the Story Bridge, you will find plenty to do in Kangaroo Point Brisbane. Below the cliffs are spacious parklands that invite you to just sit back and have a nice picnic, and the surrounding river also presents myriads of recreational possibilities such as kayaking and paddle-boarding. There is also a bike trail that runs along the Brisbane River and connects Kangaroo Point to the South Bank Parklands, as well as a heritage trail dotted with sculptures that pay homage to Australia’s top scientists and researchers who contributed to forming the Kangaroo Point we now know and love.

Kangaroo Point Brisbane for Business Travellers

Here are the reasons why business travellers find Kangaroo Point Brisbane an ideal location for their accommodation:

  • Easy accessibility: You don’t have to worry about staying anywhere else because, if you stay in Kangaroo Point Brisbane, you’ll get to your conference venues and meetings on time, thanks to the easy accessibility of the suburb. Kangaroo Point is just 15 minutes away from the airport, and just 1 km from the CBD, which is located north of the peninsula and connected to it by the famous Storey Bridge. From Bridgewater Terraces, the trip takes just 7 minutes when you take the City Ferry, which is just 500 metres away from our location. And if you’re going south where the popular Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre are located, the City Ferry can also take you there in around 15 minutes. This means you’ll have easy access to all parts of the city.
  • Peaceful and relaxing atmosphere: It goes without saying that the busiest and most crowded place Brisbane is the city. The city, or CBD as it’s referred to, is usually bursting with locals going about their business and tourists seeking accessibility to what Brisbane has to offer. But Kangaroo Point Brisbane offers a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, and I’m pretty sure business travellers would agree that it’s always a welcome change to get out of the busy and bustling city.
  • Cheaper accommodation: While still quite close to the CBD, accommodation in Kangaroo Point Brisbane is way cheaper than staying in the CBD. In fact, if you book with us here at Bridgewater Terraces, you can enjoy our 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and resort-style facilities from as little as $155 per night (and cheaper for short term accommodation) – perfect for the business traveller’s budget.

Kangaroo Point Brisbane offers so much for both tourists and business guests. Whether you’re in Brisbane for a holiday or for business, our spacious Bridgewater Terraces apartments here in Kangaroo Point Brisbane will give you the best of both worlds – a relaxing stay and easy access to the city’s hot spots – without charging you a premium for it.

Call us today at +07 3435 5216 and our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have.

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