Brisbane Arts & Culture Guide

Brisbane is known to be a fun-loving and adventurous city. It is also known for its rich cultural history. There are several museums and art galleries in Brisbane that you may want to visit especially if you want to immerse yourself in the arts and culture of Brisbane City.

What are the museums you should visit?

QUT Art Museum

The Queensland University of Technology Art Museum is a modern art gallery. Contemporary artworks and exhibitions are the finest works to be shown here. You can find this museum in George Street.

Tony Gould Gallery

The Tony Gould Gallery shows entertaining works that excite and educate the visitors about the world of performing arts. The gallery offers an insight to Brisbane’s theatrical history. The Tony Gould Gallery collects costumes, sets, programs, recordings, scrapbooks, photographs, costume designs and any unique artifact from the world of theater.

Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery is home to a collection of more than 12,000 artworks. It has a very dynamic program of events and exhibitions. This art gallery has travelling exhibitions to promote and show Brisbane locals the best artworks in the city.

How about the museums? What are the best museums to visit in Brisbane?

Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum is a great place to explore the past, present and future. A life-size tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops can be seen here. Other animals that can be seen here are the great white shark, tigers and kangaroos. The museum is entertaining, informative and inspiring. It promotes awareness of the rapid changes in the environment to visitors.

Queensland Museum Sciencentre

The Sciencentre is not just your ordinary museum. Here, visitors are offered hours of interactive science-based fun. There are around 100 interactive exhibits to be found here. Body Zone, action stations and earth space are three main galleries here. Kids and adults will have great fun in the Sciencentre.

Anthropolgy Museum

The Anthropology Museum celebrates the arts, crafts and culture of the Oceania inhabitants. It is home to a variety of archaeological remains, photographs and artifacts.

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