Brisbane Beach Guide

Brisbane is home to clean, stunning and sandy beaches. You should make it a point to visit the beaches in Brisbane when you have a vacation here. The uninterrupted coastlines are just near Brisbane City which means that you really don’t need to go far. At the north of Brisbane City lies the Sunshine Coast. At the South of the city lies the Gold Coast. Both of these coastal areas are popular tourist attractions. The beaches are spacious and there is plenty of room for everyone to play, swim, surf, sunbathe and just have fun.

But before going into the beaches in the Gold and Sunshine Coast, there are two main beaches near the city. These are the Sandgate Beach and Nudgee Beach. The Sandgate beach is located in the south of the city and is home to a seaside resort. Nudgee Beach offers a great view of Morton Bay as well as activities like walking, swimming, cycling, fishing and jogging. Wildlife, waterfowl and birds often inhibit this beach.

Moving on, what are the must-visit beaches in Sunshine Coast?

  1. Noosa National Park- This beach is very popular for surfing. The beaches are characterized with strong currents and large waves which are what surfers are looking for.
  2. Coolum Beach- Coolum Beach is another spectacular beach in Sunshine Coast. It is popular with families as it has exceptional beach facilities. This beach is great for swimming and beach games.
  3. Maroochydore Beach – the Maroochydore Beach features a golden beach that is also great for surfing. The highlights of this beach are the restaurants and nightclubs. If beach partying is your thing, this is where you should go.
  4. Alexandra Headland-Alexandra Headland is another ideal beach for surfing. It features rocky point breaks and strong waves.
  5. Mooloolaba Beach – Mooloolaba Beach has golden sand and clear waters. This is a secluded and sheltered beach that is popular for snorkeling, fishing and swimming.

What are the must-visit beaches in Gold Coast?

  1. Main Beach-Main Beach is a much quieter beach and is located near Surfer’s Paradise. It is a large coastal resort that is sheltered by a sandbar.
  2. Surfers Paradise- This is a very popular beach resort in Queensland. The golden beaches and large waves attract surfers all around the world. The nearby theme parks, cafes, restaurants, shopping stores and nightclubs make this beach a great place to vacation in.

That’s a long list of Brisbane beaches to visit, isn’t it? To be able to access these beaches, you must find an accessible lodging facility. Here at Bridgewater Terraces, your travel time will be reduced making your beach trips much more enjoyable. In addition, our serviced apartments are in close proximity to the famous tourist attractions in the city too. Check out our website to book your stay!

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