Brisbane tourism booming in 2016

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, I wouldn’t be surprised if you choose Brisbane as your holiday destination. Brisbane presents the perfect mix of cosmopolitan lifestyle and adventure activities that every holidaymaker is sure to enjoy.

As the owner of Bridgewater Terraces, I simply love welcoming guests to our holiday apartments – and thankfully, it seems that this is only going to continue. Brisbane tourism is booming and every year we are fortunate enough to welcome more and more visitors to the city.

Continue reading this article as I put forth some statistics regarding tourism in the city and why it is such a wonderful holiday destination. And of course, I’ll also touch up on why you should book your Brisbane accommodation with us for your upcoming holiday.

Brisbane tourism is enjoying a boom

Brisbane tourism

It may not come as a surprise, but Brisbane is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. With high rise architecture, the sprawling Brisbane River and lush green spaces, Brisbane is also counted amongst the most beautiful cities worldwide. However, I was extremely pleased at seeing the boom in Brisbane tourism last year.

As a Brisbane accommodation provider, I certainly saw a rise in the number of tourists we received. And the latest statistics have confirmed this to be true. According to the National Visitor Survey released by Tourism Research Australia, Brisbane tourism demonstrated record growth last year. In 2015, the overnight visitor expenditure in Brisbane was up by 12.4% from the previous year and totalled a massive $3.6 billion. Moreover, Brisbane drew in about 5.8 million visitors during the year, which was up 11.4% from the previous year. Brisbane also exhibited a rise of 3.6% with 17.6 million visitor nights being spent in the city. The year of 2015 saw a healthy mix of tourists in Brisbane, consisting of holidaymakers, business travellers and of course, visitors, friends and relatives of people in the city.

These statistics have simply made my day! Not only am I thrilled that Brisbane tourism is enjoying a high, but as a local accommodation provider, this also means better business for me!

Quality Brisbane accommodation

bridgewater terraces

I’m sure that these statistics have made you aware that Brisbane is one of Australia’s finest tourist destinations. Should you be planning a holiday to Brisbane yourself, you need to book your accommodation in advance so that you do not face any hassles upon landing in the city.

Thankfully, at Bridgewater Terraces, we have you covered. Rated as one of the most affordable Brisbane accommodation providers, we offer high quality serviced apartments for tourists. Our riverview apartments are located centrally, close to all the major tourist attractions. Best of all, our apartments are available at incredibly budget friendly prices. For prices as low as $180 per night, you can enjoy the best of Brisbane. So make sure to book your accommodation with us while there is still availability!

The Bottom Line:

Brisbane tourism is certainly booming. Recent statistics released in the National Visitor Survey reveal that tourism in the city has exhibited a record growth in 2015.With Brisbane receiving a massive 5.8 million tourists last year; overnight visitor expenditure totalled a humongous $3.6 billion. Moreover, 17.6 million visitors spent a night in the city. These numbers have ousted previous figures by far and it is expected that the Brisbane tourism boom will only rise this year. Brisbane is set to receive a healthy mix of tourists, ranging from holidaymakers, business travellers and visitors, friends and relatives of people in the city.

If you’re planning on visiting the city anytime soon, make sure to book your Brisbane accommodation with us at Bridgewater Terraces. We offer high quality serviced apartments in the heart of the city at extremely affordable prices. For prices as low as $180 per night, you can enjoy a riverview apartment just 1km from the city. To make your booking at our apartments, simply give us a call at 07 3435 5216, or you can choose to book your reservations online.

Ps, make sure to book your accommodation in advance – if last year’s rush is an indicator, there will be an even bigger inflow of tourists this year round!

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