Day Trips to enjoy from Brisbane City

You’ve got to admit, Brisbane city is an amazing tourist destination and it certainly has much to offer. Even after you visit the major attractions of the city, there are still many destinations for you to explore. Should you be staying in Brisbane city for longer than a week, then I recommend definitely venture out on a couple of day trips to explore some of the surrounding areas while in the region.

Moreton Bay & Islands

Take a day trip to Moreton Bay & Islands

As a local myself, I got to the point where I had seen all that the city of Brisbane had to offer. I wanted to see what else they region had to offer so I hit the road to see where it would take me. In this article, I’ll share some of my favourite day trip locations with you.

Continue reading on as I put forth some of the amazing day trips for you to enjoy, all of which will be easily accessible from your chosen Brisbane city accommodation.

Moreton Bay

Located to the east of Brisbane, Moreton Bay is surrounded by the Moreton Island and the North Stradbroke Island and the bay area presents many adventure activities including boating, sailing, fishing, windsurfing and diving. There are many other islands around Moreton Bay, where you can enjoy watching dolphins and whales.

Bribie Island

A sand island to the north of Brisbane, Bribie Island features a surf beach and also features estuaries where you can go fishing and boating. There are many cruises and bird watching tours conducted on the island and there is also the Bribie Island Seaside Museum to be explored.

The Gold Coast and Hinterland

A strip of beaches and urban areas located on the south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Hinterland present a mix of sandy beaches, theme parks, wildlife parks and rainforests. Various activities can be enjoyed in this region, including adventure sports, picnics, walking tracks and nature discovery. Extremely popular with tourists, the region has several markets, cafes, restaurants, shopping centres and campsites.

The Sunshine Coast and Hinterland

An hour’s drive to the north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland is filled with national parks, golf courses, some great attractions and of course, beaches. While the area presents scenic drives, picnic areas, grand lookouts and a variety of walking tracks, there are also many urban centres catering to tourists. Cafes, shops, wineries and art galleries are also in abundance in this region.

Kondalilla Falls National Park

Home to a spectacular 90 m high waterfall dropping into a rainforest valley, the Kondalilla Falls National Park presents a cool mountain retreat and has many exotic plants and animals. The national park is about a 2 hour drive from Brisbane city.

Rainbow Beach

A coastal town located to the north of Brisbane, Rainbow Beach is well known for its sand cliffs, pleasant beaches and rainbow coloured sand dunes. Rainbow Beach is about 265 km away from Brisbane.
Day trips to all these locations can be arranged from the tour desk of your chosen Brisbane city accommodation. Alternatively, if you have your own transport, you can also choose to venture out on your own. Here, at Bridgewater Terraces, we can also arrange day trips for you to any of these locations, provided you choose us as your Brisbane city accommodation. We offer spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom serviced apartments and our rates are much cheaper than accommodation in the heart of Brisbane city. By staying with us, you will find easy access to all of these destinations.


While Brisbane city itself presents a lot of attractions for tourists, there are several other destinations within the region which ought to be explored as well. If you’re in Brisbane city for longer than a week, you should definitely consider a few of the day trips that I have mentioned above. If you choose Bridgewater Terraces for your Brisbane city accommodation, then not only will find it easy to access all of these destinations, but you will also enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay, at really affordable prices.

To book your Brisbane city accommodation, give us a call at +61 7 3435 5216, or get in touch with us online. We will be glad to book your accommodation and we can also arrange for these day trips should you choose to visit them.

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