South Bank Brisbane; A holiday destination in itself!

Australia is no doubt one of the most developed countries for tourism in the world, and as a result, it attracts millions of international and domestic travellers year after year.

One of the top tourist destinations in Australia is of course, Brisbane and from my experience working in the Brisbane tourism, it goes without saying that South Bank Brisbane is one of the most popular destinations. Not only is it attractive to tourists, but for locals as well, thanks to its amazing attractions and spectacular landscapes.

If you have only just heard of South Bank Brisbane and you are intrigued to find out more about what it has to offer and why it is so popular then continuing reading, as in this article, I will explain just that.

South Bank Brisbane

Brisbane is definitely one of the most beautiful cities of Australia and because of this; it has become a favourite destination for tourists, both Australians and foreigners alike.

One of Brisbane’s best destinations is its CBD – the central business district. Considered by many as being the most important part of Brisbane, the CBD attracts plenty of tourists seeking fun, culture and adventure. Nevertheless, second only to the CBD is one of the most beautiful locations of all: South Bank Brisbane.

South Bank Brisbane offers some of the most interesting attractions offered in Brisbane and thanks to the Queensland tourism, you can now see a unique view of South Bank Brisbane by watching this amazing 360-degree video. The video highlights all South Bank Brisbane beauty and so much more. Check it out:

Keep in mind, the video above only shows a small part of what South Bank Brisbane really has to offer. If you wish to truly admire this beautiful location, then I recommend you visit it for real. In doing do, you can expect to see the following attractions:

  • South Brisbane Dry Dock – this is one of the main attractions of the city and it represents an important vestige as a remainder of the colony of Queensland.
  • Queensland Maritime Museum – which is renowned for its exhibitions that present historic sailing ship models, modern container ships, cruise liners and other interesting pieces related to the Marine.
  • Epicurious Garden – it is located right in the heart of this part of the city and it is meant to bring inspiration to any home gardener and to educate visitors about cooking with home-grown products, as well as with various herbs.
  • The Arbour – is one of the most beautiful locations. With its almost one kilometre length, the Arbour contains more than 400 plants that visitors can admire.
  • Streets Beach – represents one of the top attractions of South Bank Brisbane, as it is the only beach that can be found right in the centre of a city in the entire country. This beach has the size of five Olympic swimming pools and visitors can enjoy the water and the Australian sun in the middle of the city, which gives them a unique experience.

If from reading this article, you have decided to experience the beauty of South Bank Brisbane for yourself, then I strongly advise you to find accommodation in close proximity. For this, consider staying with us at Bridgewater Terraces. From our resort, you can get to South Bank Brisbane in about 15 minutes by City Ferry or around 30 minutes by foot. What could be better?


Australia has a well-developed tourism industry, which attracts not only foreigners but also locals. Out of all the beautiful destinations in the country, one of the most attractive is South Bank Brisbane, which is located in Brisbane and offers plenty of interesting attractions.

If you are considering visiting this amazing destination, then it is a good idea to book accommodation somewhere close by. For ideal accommodation that fits the bill, consider Bridgewater Terraces. To book your stay, simply call 07 3435 5216, or get in touch with us via our contact page.

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