Thinking about visiting Brisbane? You’re not the only one!

Are you thinking about coming to Brisbane for some R and R? Whether you’re considering attending an event or having a relaxing time at Brisbane’s Southbank, know that you’re not alone. As a provider of accommodation in Brisbane, I happen to know that every year; there are millions of travellers who choose Brisbane as their holiday destination.

If you’re wondering why, let me tell you… Brisbane is a major entry and exit point tourists and travellers exploring the state of Queensland. Based on a report released by Tourism and Events Queensland, two in five international visitors and one in five domestic visitors arrive in Queensland via Brisbane. About 33% of these require accommodation in Brisbane as they choose to stay the night. This gives them just enough time to check out some of the most iconic tourist attractions Brisbane has to offer; Kangaroo Cliffs, Brisbane’s Southbank, Brisbane CBD, and more.

CBD Aerial, Brisbane, QLD

CBD Aerial, Brisbane, QLD (Source: Tourism Australia)

Between the year 2000 and 2010, the number of nights that international visitors spent in Brisbane almost doubled. However, the same cannot be said for domestic travellers as the number of nights they spent here declined.

Aside from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast are also popular stops and are often the end destination for many tourists arriving via Brisbane.

Reasons why tourists come to Brisbane

According to the report, the main reason why domestic and international travellers visit Brisbane is for holiday or for much needed R and R. Brisbane is one of the most relaxing places that you can find in Australia and it offers everything that you’ll ever need to recharge your tired mind and body. There’s Southbank; a premiere lifestyle and cultural destination, Brisbane CBD; which offers some of the finest restaurants and best shopping in Queensland and Kangaroo Point, which is perfect for nature lovers as you can try abseiling, relax and have picnic with your family and friends in one of its many parks or even climb the iconic Story Bridge! It is also where you’ll find Bridgewater Terraces, nestled in the banks of the Brisbane River!

Besides the destinations that Brisbane has to offer tourist, Brisbane also hosts several annual events that you should defiantly attend if they’re on while your visit. These include Brisbane International Tennis Tournament, Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival, The EKKA Brisbane Show, Riverfire Festival of Brisbane, and of course we’d love you to barrack for one of our local sporting teams; Brisbane Heat, Brisbane Roar and Brisbane Broncos!

broncosSecond to a holiday & R and R, visitors come to Brisbane to visit friends and family members. According to the report, 37% of international visitors and 47% of domestic visitors stop in Brisbane to visit their loved ones. This provides an explanation as to why the number of nights spent in different accommodation has declined. According to the survey, most travellers who were here to visit their friends and family stay with their loved ones throughout their visit to Brisbane.

The final reason why visitors come to Brisbane is for work or for study. A good number of travellers stayed in the region so they can further their studies or to gain employment. These visitors typically spend a minimum of six months in Brisbane, and often seek short-term-accommodation in Brisbane.

Types of accommodation that travellers use

If you’re in the process of deciding on the best accommodation in Brisbane, it might help for you to know the most common choices of those people who have been here before. According to the study, 74% of domestic tourists and 47% of international tourists choose to stay with their friends and family members living in Brisbane. This is a great option because not only you get to save but you’ll also be able to spend more time with your loved ones. Meanwhile 29% per cent chose camping while 13% stayed in a hotel, motel or resort. Others chose to stay in a rental accommodation while 1% stayed in backpackers’ inn.

If you’re considering staying in hotel, motel, or resort, I recommend that you choose Bridgewater Terraces for your choice of accommodation in Brisbane. We offer spacious one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments in Kangaroo Point, which is just one kilometre away from Brisbane CBD. Our apartments are high quality and come with fully equipped kitchen, laundry services, relaxing river view, and spacious living areas. On top of that, they are also very affordable. You can book a self-contained one-bedroom apartment for as low as $140 per night. This particular apartment is big enough to sleep up to 3 guests.


There are millions of people from Australia and from across the globe who make Brisbane their holiday destination year after year. If you’re thinking of doing the same, make sure that you book your accommodation in Brisbane through us here at Bridgewater Terraces. That is if you want to stay in an apartment that features great location and amazing amenities but doesn’t come with a hefty tag price. For more information about rates, our location, etc. please head over to our main page. You can also book any of our apartments online or by calling +61 7 3435 5216. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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