Where To Go On Your Brisbane Family Holiday

The family is headed to Brisbane for a vacation. With all the things you need to plan for, making a list of the places to go to will help lessen the confusion. Since you are travelling with the kids, you should also take into account the places and activities they will enjoy in. The whole family should have a blast in this trip and don’t you worry, Brisbane is a family-friendly city. Here are some options of where to go for a family holiday in Brisbane:

Roma Street Parkland

Roma Street Parkland has magnificent plants and public art. This park used to be an oil railway yard and has now been transformed to a beautiful park for locals and travellers. Roma Street Parkland is a great place to have a picnic or throw footballs.

Wynnum Wading Pool and park

The Wynnum wading pool and park is just beside the bay. The family can enjoy great water views and cool breezes in this park. The kids will love the ice-cream shops and chips stores here. On a Sunday afternoon, make sure you spend a few hours in this park for leisure and recreational fun. The wading pool is also available for some splashing fun.

Mt. Coot-the Botanical Gardens

Mount Coot-tha is a popular tourist attraction in Brisbane. Here, the family will see the beautiful bamboo grove, cactus garden and the slaughter falls. Climbing Mount Coot-tha should be a great adventure for the family too.

New Farm Park

New Farm Park is probably the most favorite park in Brisbane. The playground filled with fig trees come alive when the roses start to bloom. It smells heavenly too. New Farm Park is a city park that the locals really love and surely, families will also love exploring and hanging out in this beautiful park.

Captain Burke Park

Just underneath the Story Bridge is the Captain Burke Park. This park has a small and sandy beach located just beside the river. This is a great place for the family to set up a picnic or even have a barbeque cookout. If you’re lucky, the family might even catch seeing the Riverfire fireworks.

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