Your Guide To Brisbane Movies – Where To Find A Cinema

While visiting Brisbane, you suddenly feel the need to cap off the night watching a movie in the local cinemas. The problem is, you have no any idea where any Brisbane cinemas are. Watching a movie in a different country will offer you a unique experience making this a really great idea to scout the city for the best cinemas available.

Around Brisbane City, there are different cinemas to choose from. One of the more popular cinemas in the city is the Event Cinemas which is found in the Myer Centre. Due to its accessible location, tickets, food and drink prices are steep. Tickets are $16.50 for adults and $13 for students. For cheaper prices, you can go to the Southbank Cineplex. During weekends, ticker prices are $5.50 for students and $6.50 for adults for movies showing before 6 pm. After this time, ticket prices are $6.50 for students and $8.50 for adults. Confectionary in Southbank Cineplex is very reasonable too. Another reason why you should watch in Southbank Cineplex is because it has the largest cinema screen in Brisbane.

If you are looking for foreign and underground films, Palace Cinemas is the movie house for you. There is Palace Cinemas in Fortitude Valley and another one in Petrie Terraces. Ticket prices are quite steep too. Tickets for students are $13.50 while $17 for adults. Nonetheless, locals who are members of the movie club can get their tickets for only $9 for students and $11 for adults. On Tuesdays, all tickets are $11 only.

If you really want to go all out on your cinema experience in Brisbane, you can go to Event Cinemas and go Gold Class. Gold Class cinemas are very luxurious. Another luxurious cinema is the Blue Room Cinebar. Comfortable leather chairs with soft red cushions greets you upon entering the movie house. There is even a wooden arm rest filled with different buttons if you feel the need to call for a specific type of service like ordering food or drinks. Ticket prices for students are $13.50 while it is $17.50-$21.50 for adults.

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