Why choose Kangaroo Point for your Brisbane holiday

Brisbane is a highly sought-after destination, flaunting natural beauty and a cosmopolitan culture. The city itself covers over 500 square miles and has a population over 1.1 million, however it shouldn’t be considered the only place worth visiting in our glorious region, they are other options at hand.

If you’re not familiar with Brisbane, then you probably don’t know where else to book accommodation. Let me tell you that Kangaroo Point is the ideal place to stay on your holiday. I’m not saying this simply because I manage Kangaroo Point accommodation, but because it is a true fact.

So, continue reading this post to discover just why you should choose Kangaroo Point accommodation for your Brisbane holiday.

  1. Kangaroo Point may be a quiet little suburb, but it is located extremely close to the heart of Brisbane. Brisbane CBD with all its tourist hubs and shopping hotspots lies just 1km away from Kangaroo Point. Other tourist destinations such as South Bank also lie close by. By choosing Kangaroo Point accommodation, you’ll put yourself close to the city, while still enjoying tranquil and relaxing accommodation.
  2. You can enjoy spectacular riverside views from Kangaroo Point accommodation. Kangaroo Point overlooks the majestic Brisbane River and offers wonderful sights and sounds. By choosing Kangaroo Point for your accommodation, you’ll enjoy the best views on your Brisbane holiday.
  3. And, there are several attractions in Kangaroo Point for you to enjoy. Kangaroo Point is very popular with locals as a recreational spot. You can engage yourself in a host of outdoor and adventure activities in the area.
  4. Kangaroo Point is also right next to Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge. So, by choosing to stay in Kangaroo Point, you can always take the Story Bridge Climb – one of only three bridge climbs in the world!
  5. Apart from outdoor attractions, you can also indulge in cultural activities in and around Kangaroo Point. From live music at the Brisbane Jazz Club to museum visits, you can partake in plenty of enjoyable activities in the area.
  6. You can also shop for unique gifts and souvenirs in Kangaroo Point. Treasure troves such as the Woollongabba Antique Centre and Absolutely Famous in Kangaroo Point are some of the best shopping destinations in Brisbane.
  7. Kangaroo Point also lies close to Fortitude Valley – the nightlife and entertainment precinct of Brisbane. So, should you choose Kangaroo Point accommodation, you’ll be close to the best parties to take place in Brisbane.
  8. You’ll also find plenty of bars, cafés and restaurants in and around Kangaroo Point. Nobody wants accommodation that isn’t close to great food options. Fortunately, you’ll find it all near your Kangaroo Point accommodation. The local coffee roasters in the area deserve a special mention.
  9. You can also go on short or long walks in Kangaroo Point. Brisbane is famous for its scenic walking trails and many of them pass through Kangaroo Point.
  10. Finally, you can avail cost-effective accommodation in Kangaroo Point. Given that Kangaroo Point lies just outside the heart of Brisbane, accommodation rates are much cheaper. You’ll still be close to the city though, which offers all the more reason to choose Kangaroo Point accommodation.


If you’re planning a Brisbane holiday, then you should consider Kangaroo Point for your accommodation. Kangaroo Point lies close to the best of Brisbane and it offers peaceful and tranquil accommodation next to the Brisbane River. There are several attractions in and around the area and you can even engage in cultural activities. Shops, bars, cafes are plentiful in Kangaroo Point, as are walking trails. And, Kangaroo Point accommodation is much cheaper than accommodation elsewhere in Brisbane.

With so much on offer, I bet you’re sold on choosing Kangaroo Point for your Brisbane holiday. The next step to take is to book your accommodation in Kangaroo Point. For this, look no further than Bridgewater Terraces. We offer a range of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom holiday apartments in Kangaroo Point which are perfect for you.

Check out our holiday apartments and call us at 07 3435 5216 to book one of our apartments today!

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Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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