Why Kangaroo Point Is Brisbane’s Ultimate Holiday Destination

There are very few areas in Brisbane that can match Kangaroo Point for its picturesque scenery and natural beauty.

A haven for nature buffs, thrill seekers, food and sport lovers, and lovers generally, this Brisbane suburb is known for its flexible selection of choice accommodation.

Easily accessible to other suburbs like the CBD and South Bank, it is a central location that makes getting about easy and hassle free. Our holiday apartments, Bridgewater Terraces are located in Kangaroo point and provide affordable accommodation for Brisbane holidaymakers.

If you are searching for a place to stay in Brisbane, there is no better place to stay than Kangaroo Point and I’ll tell you why in this post.

1. Kangaroo Point has heaps of activities

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb, a popular Kangaroo Point Attraction

If you are in Brisbane on holiday, there is so much to do and see in Kangaroo Point. Visit Story Bridge Adventure Climb, an iconic bridge which gives you a special view of the city’s landscape and have a truly memorable experience.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park is another lovely place to visit. Beautiful and scenic, the entire family can have a picnic here or bask in the picturesque view of the city.

Other Kangaroo Point activities include a visit to Captain Burke Park, visiting the neighbouring suburb of Woolloongabba, the Art and the River Public Art Trail and The Common Park, just to name a few.

Staying at Kangaroo Point means that you can experience all that Brisbane has to offer without traveling several kilometres to do so.

2. Kangaroo Point is very close to CBD and South Bank

Brisbane Riverview from Kangaroo Point

Brisbane Riverview from Kangaroo Point

Whether you are in Brisbane for work or holidays, you will find Kangaroo Point’s proximity to the Brisbane CBD and South Bank very useful. Bridgewater Terraces is a popular accommodation because of how close to the CBD and South Bank it is.

From Holman Street pier, you can easily get to the CBD via a 7-minute City Ferry Ride. Don’t forget the City Hopper, which is free from Kangaroo Point to CBD.

One major advantage of staying in Kangaroo Point is freedom from the traffic, noise and fast pace of the city. This suburb is laid back and relaxing – everything you want your Brisbane holiday to be.

3. Kangaroo Point has many great dining options

Deery’s Restaurant & Smokehouse

Deery’s Restaurant & Smokehouse in Kangaroo Point

You are never short of dining options in this part of Brisbane. You will find so many selections of fine restaurants in and around Kangaroo Point. For fine dining, you will find restaurants like Enoteca, Deery’s Restaurant & Smokehouse, The Wolfe and the Catbird Seat Bistro offer a variety of mouth-watering cuisine.

If you are searching for breakfast options, look no further than Pearl Café or The Baker’s Arms for tasty, nourishing goodness. Feel like breakfast all day? Well, we’ve got something for you too! Brown Dog Café and Moose & Gibson are exactly what you’re looking for.

Kangaroo Point is also big on pubs and bistros if you fancy a pint. Ready to experience other cultures through their cuisine? Kangaroo Point has got your back. Dine at any of the restaurants that serve Italian food, Indian-inspired cuisine, Japanese or good old English fare.

4. Kangaroo Point allows you to keep fit on holidays

CityCycle Brisbane

Cycle your way around Brisbane

Fitness buff or ex-couch potato, Kangaroo Point gives you the best (and most scenic) ways to keep fit during the holidays.

The Story Bridge Adventure climb is a great opportunity to take in a 360-degree view of Brisbane City, Moreton Bay Islands, Brisbane River and the mountain ranges. This two-hour hike up the Story Bridge will definitely have you working up a sweat but leave you feeling great and invigorated afterwards.

You can also go abseiling at the Kangaroo Points Cliff. This is a great way to kiss your fear of heights good-by and test your mettle. No? That’s okay, rather than going down the cliffs, you can go rock climbing instead.

Want to push yourself a little bit more? Why not try the Kangaroo Point stairs? These steep stairs will have you gasping for breath but is a surefire way to step up your workout routine.

Cycling is also a big part of Kangaroo Point and is a great way to stay fit. If you are staying with us at Bridgewater Terraces, you can find one of the CityCycle stations not too far away at the Story Bridge at Captain Burke Park. It’s a nice way to see Brisbane too.

5. Kangaroo Point accommodation is more affordable

Kangaroo Point accommodation

For affordable Kangaroo Point accommodation, you can’t beat Bridgewater Terraces

There is a huge advantage to staying outside the city or away from some of the more popular tourist spots like South Bank or Fortitude Valley, and that is more affordable accommodation.

Choosing Kangaroo Point accommodation, like here at Bridgewater Terraces, for instance, means that you can get a 2-bedroom apartment for 4 nights at less than 170 dollars a night. If you are staying longer, it is even cheaper. Our 3-bedroom apartments are less than 270 dollars a night and you pay much less when you book for 7 days or more.


There are several reasons why Kangaroo Point is the best holiday destination in Brisbane. There are heaps of activities, it is close to Brisbane’s CBD and South Bank, there are many dining options and ways to keep fit during the holidays, and the accommodation here is more affordable.

Kangaroo Point is really Brisbane’s ultimate holiday destination and if you do choose to stay here, the next step is to book accommodation. Look no further than Bridgewater Terraces for flexible and affordable Kangaroo Point accommodation. Our holiday apartments are everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Contact us to reserve your holiday apartment in Kangaroo Point, or book online today.

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