Brisbane’s Best Cruises, Sailing, and Water Tours

Are you looking for a more unique way of seeing a different side of Brisbane? You can do it while you are in the waters. Brisbane Cruises are very popular not only because they get a chance to enjoy the charming but bustling city but also because there are other freebies they can look forward to.

There are plenty of options for Brisbane cruises, depending on how much time you have. You can begin early in the morning. This will usually involve moving from one island to another as well as having enough time to enjoy the waters. Yes, you can go for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and surfing, to name a few. You can proceed to Moreton Island where you can feed the dolphins or to Fraser Island where you can engage in a 4-wheel-drive competition.

You can also get a few hours’ stay in Tangalooma Resort or any beach accommodation that is affiliated with the cruise. There are rental booths within the area, just in case you do not have any with you.

You can also take a cruise by the afternoon, which is excellent if you still want to catch the sunset. However, the most popular type of yachting will definitely be one that is scheduled at night. There is something magical about the glowing of lights right at the heart of the city, which seem to create the faint shape of the mountain. The river is also very placid, which makes sailing very comfortable.

Onboard, guests are treated with various types of dishes, usually served in buffet style. Normally the choices of food involve seafood, such as fish, lobsters, shrimps, and cabs. You can also take advantage of a glass of wine and your picked cheese or dessert.

To make the cruise even more enjoyable, there are live performances from local or international musicians and dancers. It is not surprising to see a lot of people getting on the dance floor.

A typical cruise will last for the entire day or as short as three hours. Regardless, it never fails to give you a whole new way of appreciating the beauty of Brisbane.

Some Brisbane cruises allow you to say onboard overnight, but commonly they do not. If you are looking for an excellent Brisbane accommodation option, stay at Bridgewater Terraces. The apartments offer you a view of its sprawling gardens. As self-contained apartments, all your needs are provided for.

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